The Girl in the Reflection

We just moved into this house. I was still very young about grade 5. Everything was fine in this house, but we had this one room where we had a television in and it had a built-in bar.

One day, I invited my friend for a sleep over and we took a mattress to that room because we wanted to sleep in front of the TV. So we watched movies and it was all fun because there was fridge right there behind, as for foods and cool drinks, so we were settled for the night. We watched movies until late, I guess it was about 1 when we turned of the TV. We didn’t have a remote for the TV so I stood up and turned it off. And as I turned around to face my friend, she had this blank expression on her face as she pointed to the TV.

I started laughing because we would try and scare each other after watching horror movies. I turned around and to my shock, I saw what she saw. It was a girl! She had long hair and just stood near the one pillar staring into the TV. Of course I turned around but didn’t see anything indicating that there’s a presence. Frightening and scared, that night we went to bed and after hours of talking we finally fell asleep.

Later that morning (while it was still dark) we woke up because of footsteps in the hallway. I thought it was my mother getting up to get water or something but we couldn’t see anyone in the hallway, we just heard the footsteps and then it just stopped.

The next morning she went home and she never came to me again (well, we were 11 so things like that scare us quickly). I never really heard something like the footsteps again, but every night, she would be in the reflection of the TV, even my mother saw her.

Later that year we had to move to another city because my dad got work there. Everything went well but one night my aunt, uncle and three cousins came over. I didn’t like them so I told my mom I’m gonna be in my room. I left my door open so if my mom called, I would hear her. I laid on my bed, playing music from my computer. My bed was located right in front of the door. As I looked down at my feet, I saw her! The girl that was always in the reflection. I saw her! But she didn’t do anything but stand there.

I got up as fast as my little legs could carry me (was grade 6 here). I was in shock as I stood next so my mother, everyone was staring at me with question mark expressions… That night, I told my mother what happened and she said that maybe it was all in my imagination.

The next weekend my brother and father went on a fishing trio and me and my mom had a girls weekend. We bought snacks and rented movies. As we were watching the movies, we heard my brother saying, “Mom.” It was his voice and everything, but we knew it couldn’t be him for he was with my dad. My mom got up and walk to her bedroom door and she saw in the hallway a silhouette of a person. In shock she froze up and just stared at it. I yelled, “Mom what or who is it!?” and she looked at me and said, “I saw what you saw, the girl in the reflection of the TV.” We never saw her again as we moved to another city AGAIN, but every now and then, we hear footsteps and knocking. We don’t know what she wants and she never talked but we were used to her now.

  • Kai Jun

    The story is all great but you could have recorrect all the words that you’ve spelled wrongly.