The Girl

A boy named Jake only 9 years old and is very scared of the dark. He always wants to be with his mom and dad at night but they always say there is nothing to be a afraid of, it all in your head. But that’s not what he thinks or sees. Every night he wakes up at 3am and he hears noises coming from his closet. Even sometimes under his bed.

Jake always hear a crying girl she says “help me”. Jake gets more scared by the second. He screams very loudly. His mom and dad rush straight into his room as soon as possible.

“Son is everything ok,” his dad whispers softy.

“No, there is a monster in my closet,” Jake said.

“There is no such thing,” his mom said. “Just go back to bed everything will be ok.” They both said as they closed the door behind him.

A few seconds have passed and he started to here the noises but only louder and scarier. He starts crying once he sees this really sharp and long hand come out of his closet. Then he sees the whole entire body come out.

“W-w-w what d-d-d do y-y-y you w-w-w want,” he said in a stuttering voice.

“Don’t be afraid, I just wanna play,” the girl said. “Now hush and close your eyes child everything is alright,” she said in a creepy voice. He felt a very sharp nail pierce his skin. Jake tried to let out of a scream but she put her hand on his mouth. He couldn’t move.

When it hit 4am the girl was gone. He couldn’t talk. He was paralyzed with fear. They say it will all be ok. What they really mean is that you shouldn’t worry about a little thing even though there a girl that is trying to kill you in your closet.

Every night the boy gets a new scratch that gets deeper and deeper. This has been going on for days. He soon got use to the pain. His parents took him to the hospital. They gave him some medicine. Hours have passed now.

“I’m sorry to tell you this but your son has died in his sleep,” the nurse told Jake’s parents. They both cried.

“How did he die?” the father said.

“Follow me I will show you.”

They both saw something they couldn’t unseen. They saw blood all over his neck and it looks like his neck has been eaten by The Girl.

  • JaneTheReader

    Well, it wasn’t scary, but maybe that’s because its slightly cliché. I was also aware that the ending was slightly rushed and it has room for improvement. Keep trying though! 😊