The Friendly Ghost

This is a story that many may not believe. Many laugh at my experiences. Many think I’m lying. But this is a true story. A real experience. It’s a part of my life. And if you don’t believe it, I won’t make you. Until it happens to you.


It was a gloomy and dull summer day. I was simply enjoying my vacation with my friends. They were hanging out at my place. We were just bored and after some time, they left. After some time, I heard a loud crashing which came from my closet. I ran to my closet, which was now lying open and all my clothes and hangers had fallen to the floor.

I was shocked and started keeping the clothes back. I soon forgot about this incident and started surfing the web and at the same time, chatting on snapchat with my brother. Such an incident never took place for a long time, but what can we predict about an entity roaming your house? Soon after, my Dad and Mom started complaining about a thing that kept grabbing their legs at night. I remembered the closet and without thinking, just ran towards it. I saw a note on the mirror.

“You forgot me, but I will never forget, neither leave you.”

I tore the note when my sister came in my closet and told me that the reflection in the mirror of her closet was not hers. I ran to her closet to check and she was telling the truth. Instead of my face, I saw a distorted image of a woman in a white bride gown and bright red lipstick. She looked like a depressed being and just stared into my eyes. I was so entraptured that I did not notice her vanishing. Since then, the incidents became worse. Our fine dinner sets were shattered when we were not at home. My Gucci dress was torn and tattered. I found a note again.

“I just wanna play. Please play with me.”

I wondered what she considered playing. I told my brother about this and he suggested checking out an Ouija board. I agreed and found out that the lady’s name was Chlóe and she was killed in the day of her marriage. I realised that our house was built on top of a church that was destroyed during an atomic bomb test gone wrong. She died 57 years ago and till present, haunted anyone who built a home on that land. Then I heard a piercing shriek from the closet. I ran there and saw a figure sitting on the couch. It said,”Let’s play,” and vanished.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    The writing wasn’t bad. However, you should try using different words and phrases in a paragraph, instead of the same ones. For instance: “We were just bored and after some time, they left. After some time, I heard a loud crashing which came from my closet.” could be replaced with “We were just bored and after some time, they left. Later on, I heard a loud crashing…” Also, the main character’s reaction to hearing a booming thud in his closet and finding all his belongings thrown onto the ground is a little… plain. Oblivious, even. I doubt most people would simply forget about that and move on like it made sense. I mean none of this in an offensive or rude way, but, rather, to help you with further writing (: Interesting story.

  • Rose Morrison

    I agree with Daniel’s points. Also, an edit to remove punctuation and spelling mistakes is badly needed, as some sentences make no sense, plus in places there are missing words, making it difficult to understand in some sections. An interesting, creepy story. I hope you will write more.