The Fog

The fog… it rolled in quickly thick and suffocating.

“I can’t see a thing let’s get out and walk,” said Richard.

“NO! We can’t just leave the car, and getting out is not going help us see any better,” shouted Marilyn!

They were moving into a manner that they had bought several days ago, “It will be fine I have flash lights,” exclaimed Richard. Richard digs around in the back seat, here we are *hands a flashlight light to her.

“Please stay close,” Marilyn squeaked.

They both step out of the car onto the muddy ground. The wet dirt soaked their feet they closed the car doors they locked automatically and they trudge to the front gate Richard gave it a hard tug it didn’t budge. The gates were locked.

“Hold on I left the key in the car,” Richard exclaimed. He checked the windows; he could see the key on the front dashboard. His sight veered to the steering wheel noticing his car keys and realizing the door was locked. He let out a long sorrowed sigh and trudged back to his fiancé in defeat.

“The keys are locked in the car,” Richard said softly.


“I mean we are just going to have to find another way in,” Richard sighed.

Suddenly there is a sound faint crying near the front line of the woods. Richard and Marilyn abruptly turn. They see the silhouette of a girl sitting on the grass. They walk toward her each step making the sobbing louder and louder. They finally reach her. She was wearing a black dress with white lace at the bottom stained with mud and grime. Her hair is as black as the night sky itself. Her skin pale with mud all across her arms and white stockings. Her worn and battered black shoes were laced neatly. The girl was about 16-17 years of age. She turned her head. Her mouth wide with sharp teeth. Her eyes had no whites. They were as black as obsidian. She growled a deep almost bear like growl. She leaped to her feet and lunged at Richard. He moved away in time but the girl then landed on Marilyn who was behind Richard. The girl clawed at her leaving deep gashes on Marilyn Richard rushed to his fiancé but before he could reach her the girl grabbed Marilyn by the wrist and dragged her into the forest. Richard stood frozen in shock.

He quickly recovered and without thinking. He raced into the woods. A chill hit his spine. He slowed seeing the tracks of what looked like a teen girl dragging a fully grown woman through the woods. He followed the tracks. He ran in the path until his legs ached, he stopped, breathing heavily his eye watered tears flowed down the crease of his cheek like a river. He couldn’t bear it he couldn’t stop it. He could only think about that monster dragging away his beloved. He cried in the middle of the woods and only the wind could hear.

Marilyn POV.

She woke. The last thing she remembered was that thing scratching away at her as if she was a Christmas present being opened by a child. Then she blacked out from the pain. She looked around her. All she could see was darkness all around her. All she felt was the pain from the scratches and the numbness of her back from being dragged for who knows how long then they stopped. Her arm was dropped she could hear the footsteps of the monster. She sat up. Her flash light was gone she couldn’t see at all but she knew she had to leave. So she got to her feet and then fell again her limbs were sore and tired so she had to crawl. She made her way to the nearest bush and hid so she could rest without getting caught. She made it just in time. When she reached the bush she heard footsteps coming towards the spot she was dragged followed by an ear splitting shriek. She got up and ran without thinking. She heard a fast four legged pace behind her like a wolf or a fox was chasing her. She looked back to see the girl behind her on all fours

She ran as fast as she could but she was beginning to fatigue as she ran plus all the pain from her injuries were slowing her down but she was so swept with adrenaline. The down fall of that (pun intended) was that she didn’t see the stump in front of her nor did she see the cliff. She tripped and fell to her death.

Richards POV.

His face was soaked with tears but his eyes dry overcome with grief but he continued to follow the trail which had lead him to a small clearing in the middle of the woods. Then a new trail caught his eye then which he followed it lead him to the edge of a cliff. He peered over the edge of the cliff and what he saw shocked him.

“No… no… this can’t be… no,” Richard sobbed he took a step closer he was now at the very edge of the cliff. He couldn’t live without her. He loved her. He had lost his job, his daughter, his parents, and his sister all in one year. She was all he had left but now she was gone. He had nothing to live for. He had nothing. Richard stared down at his loves mangled corpse blood pulled around her. Richard turned around spread his arms leaned back and he too fell to his death as he was falling he remembered,

“S**t I forgot to feed the cat.”