The Dream

Yesterday, I had this weird dream. I woke up in my bed, and I heard someone whispering something. When I looked over I saw something. It was like a head covered in blood, with just a spine. And the head, it was grinning. I asked it what happened to it, and it just grinned even wider. It slowly slithered over to me. And as soon as it touched me, I woke up.

Before falling back to sleep, I took a huge breath of relief. after I fell back to sleep, the same thing happened again. After waking back up, I decided to go for a walk. While walking through my neighborhood, I saw something I had never seen there before. Because I’m a very curious person, I jumped the fence surrounding it, and broke the lock to the door. It turns out, it was an old abandoned shed. While walking around I found a room.

Well, of course it was locked too, but it was too hard to open. Lucky for me though, there was a hole in the wall. I jumped it, and what I found was terrifying. I found a pile of rotting dead people, and piles of bones everywhere. I quickly covered my nose, because the smell was terrible. I unlocked the door to the room from the inside.

But, when I unlocked the door, and walked out, the entrance was locked again. I was stuck in there. After a while, I finally got tired, and fell asleep. But this dream was different. It was almost like a vision. In the new dream, I would wake up to the entrance being unlocked, but something would be chasing me. The thing chasing me was the thing I saw in my first dream.

I woke up in the early morning, to surprisingly, the entrance being unlocked. But the bad part was, I was being chased by that terrifying thing. I started to run, and got to my house door, but as soon as I got there I blacked out.

I woke up to see the thing, eating one of the dead bodies. It looked at me, and started slowly slithering towards me. I kicked it straight in the mouth, and got up and ran. I finally made it home, sobbing. I was alive. I haven’t seen it for a few days now, so I think I’m okay. But I’ll never forget what that thing looked like.

  • Edz


    • 1stNarwhalKing

      Did you like it?

      • Edz

        It was ok . some parts made no sense

        • 1stNarwhalKing

          Like what? I can fix my mistakes next story!