The Demon of My Room

Let me clear something up. This is not just some story I came up with on some Saturday morning. Oh no. This is a real story. Now that I have cleared that up, please enjoy.


This takes place when I was 10. I’m 12 now, which means that this takes place 2 years ago. Let me explain the day before I cut into the real story.

It was Thanksgiving and I did not feel well that day. And so my family visited my grandparents, and I stayed home to rest. Later that night I was on the couch watching some cartoons while petting my animals which were two dogs and my cat.

Eventually, I heard these loud bangs on the wall upstairs by my bedroom. I grabbed a large kitchen knife despite not feeling too well on my feet. All my animals understood my concern and went along with me, even my lazy cat.

As I got upstairs, I realised the sounds came from my neighbors using a hammer. But then I noticed it. A shadow like creature in the center of my room. It was around 8 feet tall, had these glowing yellowish green eyes, and had these long front teeth like a Sabertooth tiger’s. It wasn’t easy, but I built up the courage to fight it. I lashed out at it. And then it just disappeared. Out of the blue. Just gone. I’ve seen it a few times since then. Each time it seems like it’s trying to be nice. I have no idea if it means well. Or if it’s a huge trick. I honestly have no idea.

  • HEX

    Well you tried I guess there’s something to be said for that.