The Day I Died

“Leave me the hell alone. You do this every time me and Sasuke have a small spat. I come to you for a small piece of advice but instead you twist it around and make it seem like she’s this god awful person. Face the facts mom, we love each other and we have been together for five damn years. You don’t like her because she got me to move out and your little baby is trying to make a life for himself.”

The door slammed behind me as I left my parents home. She always does this. It started when me and Sasuke first got together. We started off as friends after she was a foreign exchange student at school. I taught her better english while she taught me Japanese. We graduated from school but still hung out. I asked her out and we dated for about 4 years then I asked her to marry me. My mother was pissed because I didn’t end up marrying a normal American women.

I started to walk down the road. I left my car at home because I wanted fresh air before I got to my parents but I only lived a mile away so I walked there. Forgot that I had to walk back. Kinda chuckled to myself at the thought.

The cool night air felt nice nonetheless. The stars were out bright tonight and the moon full lighting up the surrounding road and houses nearby. It was peaceful.

It felt like I was walking forever. I’ll eventually get home and Sasuke will be there waiting for me. The thought of that filled me with joy. I love her so damn much. My mother has no idea what she is talking about.

I reached the driveway finally. The car in its spot next to the garage. I have to put it in there tomorrow. Had some work that needed to be done on it.

My phone started ringing. It was my mom. So I did what any normal person would do when pissed at their mom. Hung up.

I walked inside and Sasuke greeted me with a hug and kiss. The feel of those soft lips and her warm embrace just felt nice but something seemed off. Her skin felt a bit cold and clammy.

We sat down and talked. She asked how it went with mother and I told her. I told her how I feel it’s because when my Pops died he was killed by a drunk driver and it happened to be a Japanese man that did it. Not only did my dad die but the drunk driver did too. In a way I kinda understand.

“Maybe she won’t James, but I hope one day we can bond.”

She sounded so sincere when she said that. We both sat back and I turned on the television to watch the nightly programs. First the news which I never paid much attention to so I sat on my phone while the last 20 minutes played out. Sasuke got up and went to the kitchen to get snacks.

It seemed like it was about over but there was one more story on.

“Thank you Cindy. We are live here at the San Mante Creek Center. A young women was found dead down the hill of this building laying next to a the creek. The gunshot seemed to be self-inflicted and they are sure it was suicide. The body was taken to the morgue to check to see if there was anything in her system at the time of death. The victim’s name was Sasuke Hyomiata.”

My blood froze and I seemed paralyzed. That can’t be. She was just right here. I heard something stir behind me. I looked up and standing over me is the supposed Sasuke. She grabbed my chin and held a knife to my throat. I felt the cold metal slide across my neck. In a matter of a few seconds I stopped breathing and something was running down my neck.

I put my hand on my throat and looked down. Hot red blood. I fell to the ground chocking now on blood as it filled my lungs and stomach and spurted out. I looked up and the last thing I saw was the supposed dead Sasuke licking the blood off the knife and smiling while staring at me.

Suddenly darkness consumed me.