Don’t L3t Me Down – Part: 4

I open my eyes and turn over to look at the girl I would do anything for. She smiles and kisses my head saying “You let me down”. I open my eyes once more to a sad realization I am still inside these cold prison walls. I can hear the guards yelling at me to get up and where to go and from that moment on they control every aspect of my life.

I get a chance to look outside when I walk a specific hall to the lunch room. The window is very small and I only get a moment to look outside, today it was snowing heavy. I think about the things I did for that girl and how disturbing it is that I don’t regret any of it. It’s been four years since I last saw her, four years since my heart died.

As I lay in my bed hearing the guards mock me the lights start to flicker and the guards quickly got silent. A man in a nice suit comes into the cell and sits across from me saying “I want to open up your case again because you were forced into a hostage situation, and because of that you did the things you had to do to survive”. His voice sounded deep but to me it sounded like gold. I asked why he was doing all of this and he simply handed me a picture, a picture of the only girl I truly loved.

I stood up and with a snap of his fingers the guards let me out and I started to walk with the man in a nice suit. He smiled at me and told me to stay completely silent, I agreed but didn’t know how he was doing this. I walked into a room I can only guess was a hearing room with four judges all present. The man sat me down and simply told the judges to let me go and pardon all my wrong doings.

The judges simply nodded and let me walk out of the prison completely free, just like that. The man walked me to his car where I sat down and he started to drive away. I looked back at the prison and said “How and why did you do this for me?”. He stuck out his hand and shook mine saying “Listen my right hand man or girl in this case said she missed you and wanted you out, now she gave her soul to me for you so I carried my part out”. I looked at his hand and saw he had two rings, one of silver and one of gold.

The silver ring had a pentagram on it and the gold one had a mason sign on it. I asked him who he was and he smiled and said “The first fallen angel” in a proud manner. I looked out the window and stayed quite during the whole ride hearing the man sing old fifty’s tunes for the full four hours. He gave me a card that read Lucif on it with a sentence on the bottom saying “Bites the hand that feeds you”.

We walked into a old ware house that had a feeling to it that struck fear into my heart. In the middle of the floor was a shinny stare case that circled down. “Let us go into the depths of glory my friend” Lucif said with a smile and started to walk down the stares, I followed carefully. The stares seemed to go down forever but when I reached the bottom saw complete darkness with only one light shinning on a pentagram with my love in the middle of it. I looked at Lucif and told him she was dead and he simply smiled and grabbed my shoulder saying “You have a very keen eye my friend! We shall have to resurrect her and give her new life… a life of haste.

  • Puddin Tane

    It would help to have parts 1,2, and 3 available

    • Jackson Snooks

      they are look at my page lol

  • Rebecca

    Oh mah gah…. I’m so glad that a 4th one came out BC this series is literally my favorite…. Thx author-san

  • Yolonda

    Can you please direct me to your page for part 1, 2 and 3? Thanks

  • Yolonda

    All four of your stories were very good.