The Dark Web Ch.4 Mystery Meat

It had been two days since Sara has gone missing. The town was rocked by a second abduction/run away. Parents began to set stricter curfews, schools started cracking down on more security, just to be on the safe side, and children started to become more aware of their surroundings while out of their homes. All the while, only Donald, Karla and Maddie were the ones with a good guess of what happened to Sara. The trio sat in Maddie’s room, a somber tone liquidated any positive energy replacing it with a dreadful and eerie silence. They awaited for Matthew to appear, apparently Maddie wanted to talk to everyone.

“She’s in her room boy.”

That voice was easily recognized as Maddie’s dad giving Matthew permission to go into the room, not that he cared who came by. It could of been another grown man walking in, he still would of sluggishly pointed to the hallway while gripping his warm beer. A night caller sat on the busted couch with him, her arms exposed track marks when she went to rub her hand through his chest hair. On eye had a second layer of make up to hide her purple bruising, she smiles cautiously at Matthew and winked before he walked away. He could hear a zipper being undone as he walked into Maddie’s room.

Closing the door, Matthew walks over to the bed already accompanied by Donald and Karla. He waves his hand in a motion for them to move over as he sits down with them and pays attention to Maddie. She sat in a computer chair, a gloomy expression pulling the corners of her mouth down. She picks at a piece of fabric sticking up from the arm of the chair and holds her silence. Finally, Matthew speaks.

“You wanted us all here, what’s going on Maddie?”

She continues to pick the chair, without looking up she responds “Someone is taking us out, this is no coincidence.”

Donald jerks his body up and yells “What are you talking about?”

Maddie slides over to her vacant computer desk and pulls a drawer out revealing a brown envelope. She props the corner up and a blank DVD falls in her hand. “Put this on, somebody.”

Donald pushes backwards onto the bed in fear, Karla looks around nervously, Matthew sighs heavily and grabs the disc putting it into a player. Four different screens appear, one in each corner, all display what seemed to be video footage of a maze from different angles. In it, a girl is heard crying. A camera zooms in as Sara stands up looking around the room confused.

“What is this?” Karla asks.

Maddie turns away. “I don’t need to see it a second time, just watch. Saw it yesterday.”

Running from the acid rain, Sara pulls a door open to see a dirty clown in front. He was missing several teeth and smiled widely before swinging at her. She fell back avoiding a blow to the head, and instead slid onto glass dust. Her back pain set her brain on fire, it was almost unbearable. She writhed in pain before rolling over and locking her pain and fear into a closet located near the back of her thoughts. If she was going to survive, neither of those emotions were going to help her. She pushes past the pain as hard as she can and begins to run down another corridor. Turning right she halts barely stopping before losing her balance over a ledge.

Down in the dark gap between the two floorways was a deep trench. To reach the opposite end she would have to run and leap, the edge of the other side had heavy slides of glass aimed upwards. A tear ran down her eye as she tried to mentally prepare herself.

“I got you now b***h!” the clown called from behind. Sara pounced, running as fast as she could. Her feet were leaving sticky clues as to her whereabouts, her scattered trail wasn’t hard to follow. She leapt with speed, a tiny inflation of hope filled inside of her chest, until she landed. Her right leg landed, but her left was too drawn out. A tip of glass hit her kneecap entering inside and remaining host until it decided to leave where her ankle was formed.

Blood spurted out in gushy fountains, her body was struggling to hold on as pain kept knocking on her former mentally blocked door with heavy kicks. She couldn’t resist, pain entered every nerve and feeling as she laid helpless crying for her parents. The clown jumps across the gap, his boots scraped among the floor separating the glass. He steps over Sara and looks down at the bleeding mess, he smiles and says “Number One! How does she die? Obviously a virgin and pure, lend me your thoughts! But, be creative!”

Donald at this point is shaking with his swollen belly jiggling, Karla’s eyes are soaked with red circles, Matthew stares in shock with his black rimmed glasses resting on his nose. Maddie hides a silent cry while in her chair turned away.

The clown drops his weapon and awaits instructions, Sara is in too much pain to move. Her leg was split open revealing deep muscle that visibly flexed with every motion she caused.


An unknown voice screams from above. The clown lets go of his tool and drops down to his knees, protected with knee pads. He then rears a shining knife from his boot. He looks at the child and mutters, “I’m gonna cut pieces from you that you ain’t ever used.” His knife begins to slide across her trembling mouth, gently cutting into her lips being stretched out by a gloved hand. Blood spills over her face as they’re torn apart in rapid jagged tugs, the lips being halfway snagged with a knife and the other with force.

At this point the screen blacks out, a crying Maddie holds a remote shakily in her hand. “You don’t want to see what happens next, I literally considered gouging my eyes out hoping it might erase what I saw afterwards.”

Matthew being still and silent finally works up the courage to ask, “Is Sara still alive?”

Maddie drops the remote onto the floor and turns around in her chair. “No Matthew, she’s not. Trust me, you don’t want to know what happened. I’ve never been a believer of any religion . But, if God exists, I hope that’s who she’s with after what she had to go through, it’s the least she deserves.”

Karla stands up and places a hand on Maddie’s shoulder. She looks up to Karla and says, “This video wasn’t sent to my house, or found in a mailbox. This was in my locker at school. Someone is watching us, taking us out, and it’s about time we pay for our sins apparently. This is only the beginning, we’re being hunted down one by one.”

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