The Dark Side

I don’t have much time but I can say I was not friendly when I was younger and I know why it was. The fact that I didn’t trust anyone because of something that happened.

April 25 2013

I was about 9 or 10 but I wanted to say that I was not social and that was before I met my best friend. I had only one other friend. It was William. We weren’t close so I couldn’t tell him this story either.

Anyways, I was awake and it was 3:59am. I was bored and I thought if I was too tired then I wouldn’t have to go to school. But then, another thing happened…

A satanic version of me was in front of the TV. I was scared and when I’m scared I speak loudly. I stood quiet and I saw him. He had blood all over his clothes and on his teeth. I saw something on one of his hands. I saw an eyeball. He spoke to me but I couldn’t tell. I heard parts of it. It said:

“I found the one to help us. He is right for us… He could save us… If he doesn’t come, I’ll be forced to kill him.”

I was scared but I think my brother was awake because he was grabbing my leg while the satanic version was talking. The blood was dripping. The satanic me lounged at me with his knife and I ducked. I assumed he fell to the window. Because it was still 3:59 then, when I looked it was 4:00am, he was gone… The next day I kept hearing voices… I still do but I ignore them and that was the last time I saw myself.

Author’s Note: Sorry for making some parts up. The part when there was another me there, and blood dripping, also how he lounged at me, those parts was real. I wanted to record but I didn’t have a phone.

  • Coco

    Is this really true?…anyways I hope you’ll get better

  • Johnny Blaze

    Well… They don’t get much worse than this one. This story makes absolutely no sense at.