The Creature from The Circus

Hi, I’m Jimmy and this is the story of how I live with my parents, just because of a monster.

I am very young for my age, you could try to guess 7-9 in age. Let’s continue now, shall we? As a young boy I have dreamed of the circus for quite sometime, but my parents think I’m too afraid to meet one. This made me mad, so I decided to sneak out the back doorway near my parents master bedroom. This was perfect because my friend Jack was going to come along with me too. The reason I snuck out of my house was to go look at the “old circus” that went out of business after running out of money in 2008. Jack then called me saying that he had discovered the circuses old tents in the far corner of the woods. He also said that he planned this so he can take some souvenirs with him, to complete another souvenir collection. So I decided to go with him too, for it was a perfect opportunity to be in an empty circus. I still wished I knew better ’cause this next part is pretty disturbing for you, young people out there. Me and Jack decided to leave during the night so our parents wouldn’t be up monitoring like they always do. I received a signal from a source of light flashing from my bedroom window which is the flashlight that Jack was probably holding in order for me to sneak out next. So I slowly got out of my bed, then I stepped carefully through an army of creaky floorboards which ended up failing, due to the misstep of the floorboard beside my bedroom door. I decided to make a quiet dash for the exit in my pajamas. It was really dumb of me because I had left my walkie and flashlight behind. I may have been caught by my parent there but I had the devil’s luck to slip through their mini security over me. I finally met Jack by the side of the house. This was very exciting for me as a kid. Until today, I’m surprised of how much bravery I had to go to the circus without my parent’s permission.

So let us continue again, wait what…?

I finally left with Jack through the mini trail of the woods which just, so you know, were really creepy due to the darkness. The branches and trees looked like tall monster that reach and wanna grab you by your neck, but I managed through because of Jacks guided flashlight. We finally emerged from a clear opening in the woods and this is where we found the biggest part of my young life. It was the big circus tent that Jack was talking about which was perfect because I get to see what a circus would actually look like. This was again a really stupid idea as of thinking back of how insane of an idea, it was when I think about it. So we broke out of our stunned expressions and decided that it was time we headed inside the circus, but Jack then had said he wanted to go and do a potty before we got started. I nodded my head and understood what it felt like holding your urine in for too long. I waited for quite some time for Jack to come back, but after an hour, I had started getting worried. “HEY JACK WHERE ARE YOU? COME ON WE GOT TO GET MOVING!” My voice echoed all over the woods making it sound like I was some mad man. Jack didn’t show up for another hour and I was getting a little annoyed and sleepy. I decided that I should just go on without him. I got up, my heart thumping really fast as I stepped closer and closer to the big tents entrance. I wish I had never opened those tent covers because in one of them I found Jacks body stabbed several times. It was enough for me to shriek, throw up, and cry at the same time. I then found a flashlight. I do a quick check of my surroundings until I find a creature, no more like monster with blood-shot eyes and its teeth sharpened like knives that are about devour me. My instincts then kicked in and I ran for it with all the energy I had. I sobbed until I broke out of the woods and into the house crying all the way to my parents.

My parents dialed up the police and Jack’s parents. It had almost been an hour until the cops asked me where I saw this supposed monster and the old circus tent. Jack’s parents came with their bibles and started crying over him. It may have been the scariest, and darkest stories I would’ve ever tell again. The police investigated the circus area and found nothing but Jack with his stab wounds. The police said he had heartbeats but faint one as if there was not enough time before he actually died. So they got an emergency ambulance to come by to take him with his parents.

That event passed down and I was grounded for two months. Then I started hearing noises under my dorm bed. I found the same monster, but it was sleeping, so I ran out the building calling the police. They said that they found nothing but an empty room. I packed all my things to stay with my parents as long as they lived…

  • EricDraven

    “I am very young for my age”.. proceeds to reveal his age to be somwhere in the range of 7-9.
    Please read that sentence again and think about it a bit. Does it sound stupid? I mean you can look very young for your age or you can be very smart for your age but saying ” I am very young for my age” has 0 meaning.
    My man says that he waited for an hour for his friend who went to take a leak. After an additional hour he decided to go check things out. It’s hard to believe 7-9 year old would be patient enough to wait in a place for 2 full hours for someone, and without being scared to death and shi*ing his pants.