The Closet

After a long day of exams, papers, and more work, you decide to take off some steam and watch some tv.


“Wha- what was that?” you turn to see that your closet had creaked open a little. You brush it off thinking it’s from the AC unit and close it. You get tired turn the sound down on the tv and rest.

The next morning you wake up the closets open a little. “Hmm guess the screws are loose, gotta tighten those soon.” The calendar on your wall says “FREE DAY” so you decide to fix the screws and blast the AC heat since its -39° outside and lay down and watch christmas movies.


Slowly you turn and see a screw on the floor. “What? I just screwed that on! Ugh,” you go over and put it back in and ignore it.

The next day you decide to go hangout with friends you come back home to a note reading;

“I see you.”

You ask your roommate if they wrote this. They reply no. You have always been weirded out by your roommate. He rarely comes out from his room only to get food, a drink, or go to his classes.

The next night another note appears.

“When your sleeping.”

You throw it away assuming it was the roommate again. Next day you wake up to a note on the fridge.

“I hope you slept well :)”

You decide it’s enough and confront him with the notes he just smiles gets up and walks away. You get curious to see if he’s the reason about the closet.

You open it to see a journal reading out the very moments that are happening now.

“Read this out loud, turn around.”

You turn only to see your roommate in your face. That’s the last thing he remembered was my face in front of his before I just slashed it made into pretty little pieces. I laughed, a good hardy laugh it sounded like a crackle in a smokers voice. I close my notebook and throw it on the ground next to “You” and I walk back home waiting for another roommate to write another story about before he looks in his closet.

Yours truly

-Roommate 🙂

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    Didn’t grab my interest at All. Sorry.