The Buzzing

It started out as any other day. I was just sitting on the couch watching tv when there was this small little hum that seemed to come out of nowhere. At first I thought it was my tv, so I turned it off and listened, still the sound was still there.

I got up and looked out the window, the street was empty, no one cutting their lawn, no passing cars, nothing to identify where the sound is coming from. Then something odd happened, the sound had went from a small little hum to a high-pitched buzzing, like a fly buzzing very close to my ear. Now at this point I wanted to rip out my hair, it was so loud I had almost didn’t hear the doorbell ringing.

Upon answering the door my old, feeble, neighbor was trying to say something to me, but that buzzing was so annoying I didn’t hear what she had said. Now what happened next I have no recollection of, but somehow the police had been called because she had been found dead on my doorstep, and I was the sole suspect. There was no interrogation, they knew it wasn’t my fault, they knew about the noise too, well at least my doctor did. As the sound was nearing the edge of deafing my doctor handed me two small pills through the tiny mail slot through the door and he told me to take them, and just like that the noise had vanished.

Doctors notice from The Winshire home for the Insane, patient #451 was sent to us upon going crazy after allegedly hearing some sort of buzzing sound and murdering his next door neighbor, patient seems to have outbursts of ptsd from out of nowhere at times, only way to calm this patient is to administer sedatives. Patient can be highly dangerous without them.