The Boy From Under The Stairs


Sarah was a blue-eyed, blonde, haired little girl who knew nothing but happiness. Sarah rode her rusty tricycle down Pencil Street a road she knew quite well. The cool autumn breeze wrapped around her pigtails as the wheels on her trike crunched the browning leaves while she road. Humming a little tune as she went, enjoying her evening ride. Sarah came to a halt under a flickering street light, her gaze rises to it but in a flash the light goes out.

A rustling in the bushes now catches the young girls attention. She slowly approaches the spot where she heard the noise, an overgrown bush against the side of an old house.

“Is somebody there?” Sarah squeaked as she got closer to the bush. More rustling emerges, this time she’s close enough to see the bush shake. “Hello?”

“Hi” a voice answered back.

Sarah, now a bit taken aback that she got a response begins to creep closer. “Are you okay?” Sarah pushes aside the thicket of bush to reveal a hole in the wall, some kind of barred window that barely any light could get through.

A boy about Sarah’s age, covered in dirt and dust pokes his head up to the window and says, “No I’m not okay.”

“Why not, what happened to you?” Sarah asked feeling bad for the boy.

“My parents left me here a long time ago.”

“That’s so sad!” Sarah stammered, “I’ll be your friend, I’ll never leave you.”

The boy disappeared from sight as if he didn’t want Sarah’s friendship. She could hear his feet against cement as he ran to the back of the dark damp basement. The only light coming through that window. Sarah peered up to get a good look in the room, she could barely make out the young boy cowering under the stairwell. “Do you not want to be friends?” Sarah tried again.

“We can be friends forever,” the boy replied his gaze darting towards Sarah, an evil look in his once pure eyes. And in a flash Sarah was gone, dragged through the window by the boy who lived under the stairs. Never to be seen again.

  • Lucas Myers

    There was more potential for this story, the abrupt ending just makes you sigh and wish you hadn’t wasted your time reading the story.2/5 at best , and the fact that she knows nothing but happiness is there just to be there, doesn’t play in the story.

    • Puddin Tane

      I agree with you whole heartedly. What was the point of the story, really? I ask this of the writer.