The Bone

It was a stormy night out in Louisiana. My dog and I were rushing to make it home, but my dog kept urging me to go off the trail. I got tired of wrestling him to go forward, so I just went where he wanted to go. We get to a trash can full of rotting ham, leftovers from weeks ago it seemed… but overall he saw a bone the size of a regular sized bone that you would buy at a store. So I grabbed it and gave it to him and we proceeded home.

That night about four hours into him chewing on the bone, my dog started barking and growling at the bone… I figured he was playing with it so I blew it off and went back to sleep due to me having work the next morning. The time is 4:00 AM. As I get up to shower for work, I see the bone on my nightstand. My dog had it in the living room prior to me falling asleep so I wondered how it got there. I assumed he got in and put it there but that’s would be a crazy thought. For the most part I shrugged it off and went to work.

The day is going by so fast. Before I knew it, it was 2:00 PM and I was headed home. My phone kept ringing and ringing, but I hate talking on the phone while I drive so I just put it off until I got home. Getting to my street, I live on I see red and blue lights everywhere. I pull into my driveway with four or five cops surrounded by my house. As I get out my car, a police officer throws me on the ground and says, “Don’t move you sick twisted basters!” I was shivering and scared. What was going on? He picks me up and brings me inside to my mom, dad, sister and my sisters boyfriend laying on the couch with their mouths ripped open, throats slit and there feet cut off.

“WHAT HAPPENED?” I screamed out.

The officer replied, “You know what happened boy, just had to make a lil money before you cleaned all this up huh?!”

“B… but… but officer I wasn’t here!! I was at work!!” I tried telling him… but it was like they were deaf to what I was saying… like something was controlling them. They put me in the back of the police car and hauled me here…

Now I’m talking to you. I wasn’t even able to say I love you or spend my time with them before they died…

“You know you can admit anything to me, sir. There’s no judgement on what you did. I only have one question… Why are you telling me about a dog? There was no animal there at the scene,” said a therapist to me.

“W… what!? My dog is still free? He’s alive?!?!”

“I understand it’s hard being through what you’ve been through. It’s okay to hallucinate. One more question, if you were planning to murder everyone, why make them a ham dinner with on the main plate… a bone?”


“There’s no way I’m going to believe a bone committed that horror show, and we threw it away, along with the ham it seemed rottin anyway.”

And there it was. I was in prison for multiple murders I didn’t commit, not having any information on… and there, in a trash can, in the pouring rain, is rotting ham… and… a bone…

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    I’m sorry but what…

  • Brandy88

    Huh?? This made absolutely no sense to me.. Please explain if possible, thank you.