The Blood Rose Phantom – Chapter 2


I don’t like Mondays, I know that I am not the only one who didn’t like Monday. And I have to go to school today which it makes the day even more worse, the kids at school always call me names like weirdo, creep, etc. Like all of the weird and mess up names that you can ever think off.

So, I force myself to get out bed, “Why am I doing this to myself?” I muttered at first I was just gonna skip today, but I just remember that I have a school project today so I can’t skip today ‘great’.

I get ready for school and walk out of my house and I walk to school as I was walking to school I notice that a huge crowd in front of the bus stop, and I was confused but then I see Jane I walk up to Jane and I ask her,

“Hi, Jane.”

“Hi, Arin.”

She replied, “What’s going on?” she then told me about a kid who got on into a fight, and he accidentally stab the bully then I said, “What’s his name?”

She said, “Jeffrey woods, I don’t know why but I don’t like him.”

” Jeffrey, isn’t that kid who just move next to your house?”

“Yea, but there’s something about him don’t you think?” she said that question has me thinking ‘something about him’ Jeffrey woods he isn’t a type of boy that you will see everyday, and Jane doesn’t like him from the every beginning. My house was 5 blocks from Jane house so I think I will pay her visit sometimes.

When we were talking the bus came and we get on the bus to school. As when we get to school we get off the bus we walk to the front door, the hallways was full of kids running around tease people, talking. I’m in the middle school so you can imagine how my school was, and then we separate while I go to my locker and Jane goes to her’s. “See you later Arin.” I then replied with, “See you later too.” I then walk to my locker and then Natalie came and I say, “Hi, Natalie.” She then replied, “Hey,” with a depressed face. “Is everything ok?”

She didn’t say anything, she just continue take her book out from the locker, “Arin, what would you do if you feel like time always wanted you to lose?” she said, this question it was a question with no answer then I replied, “I don’t know, maybe do something that you like,” she replied with a smile. “Well, see you later Arin,” she said and I replied with a smile. Natalie was a very depressed girl but I just hope that she can herself better I guess is  because her family was falling apart, like mine.

As I was walking to class I stumble up with a kid name Helen Ottis the papers of drawing falls to the ground, “Sorry,” I said. “It’s ok,” he said I pick some of the drawings and it was a very nice drawing. As I was helping him collect all of the drawing I peek through the drawings and I saw this drawing it has a word that said ‘who am I’ with a drawing if a person I then give to him the drawings and he said, “Thank you,” he then get to his class while I get to my class. Helen Ottis he looks are not so proper kinda looks he is the type of person that don’t get too much effort of tidying himself. And the word of ‘who am I’ ringing in my ear I didn’t even paying attention in class because of the words that I have heard today it is almost like a massage.

End of chapter 2

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Please, edit your work before posting. This was written so poorly, I was genuinely confused as to what on earth was going on at some parts. Also, use synonyms. You used the word “drawing” five times in one sentence.

    • Adam Warlock

      At least you were only confused at some parts. I was confused by every part of it. At one point I thought I was having a aneurysm only to discover it was the the writing style of this story.

  • Adam Warlock

    Five utterances of drawings almost back to back. And then.. “it had a WORD who am I”. What?
    And to top it off the drawing drawings drawing drawings kid who is a boy has the name Helen.

    • JaneTheReader

      Well I couldn’t have said it better myself, really. I rate your comment 5/5, i’m not rating the story.