The Bathroom Singer

One day my family and I were going to a restaurant to eat. This was a small restaurant, not too many people worked there. We went in and order our food at the counter. The young teenage boy that was working at the register said that they were low on staff and the food would take a while. So we sat and waited.

Now there was only us, another family, and a couple there. The couple was already eating and the family was waiting. About five minutes later the man of the couple left to use the bathroom. As he entered I felt I needed to go as well, so I went to use the old john. When I entered in there, there was someone in the only stall and four urinals. One being in use by the man of the couple. So I used to the restroom and started to wash my hands when I heard a thump, followed by another one, and another. It sounded like someone was walking above us, I asked the man of the couple who was also washing his hands if he heard the noise. He looked up and told me I need my ears checked.

So when I was finished. I was a bit curious about the noise for it sounded very real and loud. So I stood next to the door. Still heard it. I went up to the teen at the register and asked if anyone was working on the roof, he said no. I asked if any animals could have gotten in, he said no, because they just had heath inspections yesterday and there was no trace of animal poop or fur or anything, in fact, the place was very clean.

So we headed home, we watched some tv and then my little brother had to head to bed, then my sister, then my mom and my dad, then it was just me watching some TV alone. At about 11:30, I needed to use the bathroom so I went in there and decided that because everyone was fast asleep I could leave the door open so I did not have to pause the show. Though the one time I looked away from the TV, the bright TV light suddenly disappeared and when I looked up at the TV a person was standing there, close enough where they blocked most of the TV but far enough where I would have to walk a bit to reach them. They just stood there. I didn’t want to yell for my family in case he pulled out a gun or something.

I did not know what to do. I looked at them, it was clear to be a man or something resembling one, he had these big clunky looking boots, and I could not see any feature of his face. I decided to finish up in the bathroom not taking my eye off him. I would say I didn’t know what time it was but above him was a clock so every few minutes I would look at it to check the time. It wasn’t until midnight exactly when the man opened his mouth, it sounded like someone tore the paper in half. He pointed at me with an old hand that looked like a zombie’s hand. I was expecting an old raspy voice, but instead, it was loud and booming as if thunder could talk.


I was confused so I respond, “What song?”

He put down his finger and said, “THE ONE I PLAYED FOR YOU IN THE BATHROOM, AND DON’T LIE!”

“I loved it,” I didn’t want to say the truth cause who knows what this man could do.


I closed my eyes.

It went silent, I just opened my eyes and at first it was dark then very bright then I was fine. I was back where I was though something was wrong. I was taller? No. I looked down and there lied my dead body. Not killed by a gunshot, nor knife stab. Looking at it now there is just a big hole were my face should be. So mom, I just wanted to write this letter to you to let you know.

I don’t think the man ever left.