The All Girls Academy

Hello, my name is Miya Kawazaki. I had a very paranormal and traumatic experience now is the time I share it with all of you out there. I had just turned 16 and began school at an all girls academy, but this wasn’t a very normal academy.

It was a large, derelict, windowless building. It was approximately four stories high. It had large holes in the side of it, where one could constantly feel gusts of wind each time they had walked by it. I had just been enrolled into the school. The place had given off a really bad vibe.

I was placed in the room 666. The girls were always talking about how strange it was. There were rumours of a young girl about my age, if not a little younger. All the former students had tortured her mentally and sometimes physically. The rumour states that every girl had hated her for no specific reason. Just because she was different from everyone else.

Then, one day she had been walking to her locker when one of the girls had knocked her unconscious with a heavy, blunt object. Then, the assaulter had tied her to a chair and had gagged her with a sock. The victim was hooked to a chair with a knife into each one of her hands.

The mean girl had poured gasoline all over her and set her body up in flames. The reason why remains unknown. As I had unpacked and was settled in the room. Because I had thought nothing of the rumour. It was time for bed. I wasn’t tired so I had been reading a book. I don’t recall the name. I heard a muffled scream as if a girl was being tortured.I tensed up in my bed as I heard it.

After a while, I had seen a phantom and I could see clearly the body was charred. Skin was hanging from her cheeks, her eyes where dangling from the sockets, the nastiest part where all of the maggots. I screamed in terror and one of the teachers ran into my room.

When she entered,the spirit was gone. She vanished into thin air. “She..she was right there”. “Who was”? The teacher asked me. “The girl,the burn victim”. I was screaming louder than I thought I was. The teacher held me as she could tell I was terrified. “Shh,it’s okay whatever it was it was gone”. The teacher said to me and out of no where she kissed my lips. I stared at her, shocked. She then left the room. I had gotten back into my bed, still surprised from the kiss she laid upon my lips.

I laid in silence until, I heard the scream again and there she was again the murder victim. Only this time, there was something much more sinister about her. She was smiling, also revealing her teeth. There were not normal teeth, they were sharp razor like spikes. She then pounced on to me and I screamed, but she quickly covered my mouth with her charred right hand. I was so terrified, I had gone ice-cold, frozen in that one place. The teacher who had kissed me, ran back inside my room. The girl vanished again. This time the teacher cuddled me and she did not leave the room that night and she had slept in my bed with me. The ghost did not return that night, I never saw her again, because that same teacher and I shared a bed the rest of the year.

  • disqus_aeGoSyf5IK

    That’s one scary story. I would die from fear if I had a teacher like that.

  • Alexis

    Pretty scary

  • Haylee

    This story really has a nice concept and main story plot, but description and grammar need to be improved. It was hard to follows in some places, because of run in sentences. PleasrePleasre don’t take this as criticism, but as suggestion.