The Acid Boy

To be honest, I never really believed in ghost and s**t like that, but when this happened all of that none believing things fade away. Hey my name is Jon, I’m from Louisiana in a s****y apartment complex. I’m a first year in College so life s***s right now, but I was planning on four years in College to go to the U.S Army to be an Officer, I’m pretty sure you’re tired of me, this is not a dating website, I’ll just get to the point to spare your time.

I didn’t have a roommate because I think that’s just more stress and I really don’t need that in my life. I already had to deal with all nighter and the neighbors always arguing and fighting. It’s just annoying having to deal with that. I was thinking about just dropping out but what good would that do? That would be even more stress having to deal with my mom and step dad disappointed. But one night takes the cake of the most stressful night and you would agree.

I was studying for test that was tomorrow and I was getting distracted by my stupid neighbors yelling back and forth. So I decided to go for a walk to the corner store that was really close. It was about 3 a.m. and I didn’t really care if it was dark. I was just thinking of the cigarette I want it so bad. My mom said I should stop, but how can I? I’m literally going through hell so I didn’t care about what she thinks. When I got there no one was around, except that creepy lady that looks too old to even stand on her own feet by herself.

“What can I get you, sir?” she asked.

“One box of cigs please?” I replied. Her shaking hand grabbed a box of cigarettes and give them to me.

“That would be $2.99,” she said. To me, that was too much but I paid for it and walked away, before I can go she told me, “Be careful young man,” I nod and continued walking to my apartment and I think she said something else but I didn’t hear her clearly, it was something like “acid” or something. I shrugged it off and continue to walking and smoking.

While I was walking, “Taste like heaven,” I said to myself blowing out the cancer in my lungs. When I was halfway there I heard something, it sound like someone trying to speak in water, so I looked back and saw a purple puddle.

“What the hell?” I said confused and like the idiot I am. I went to investigate to see what it was. Then when I got close at got warm so I decided to throwing a stick in it. The stick immediately catch on fire then burned till I couldn’t see it. That’s when I saw it. It looked like a young boy about eleven or twelve, it was a light skin black male, with glowing purple eyes that looked like he was crying. His hair was black and it was a mess. I was going to say something to the young man but then, he said;

“Is this the factory?” then he started melting into purple acid. I started running to my apartment full speed not looking back. When I got there I shut the door behind and locked it.

A year later…

I see him everywhere. Every time I sleep in my dreams he kills me. I had enough of it and now this is my last time I’ll have to deal with the nightmare. The damn rope is already set up. I’m done with this hell goodbye.