Stairs to the Void

Have you ever seen a dark hallway before? Or perhaps a cave with an endless passage? Or at a pit that led to nowhere? Some would say they have seen one, but never ventured to it. This particular story is something a little more than a tunnel or hallway but rather, a stairway. One that leads you to an abyss.

As another ordinary day starts a simple security guard starts their day with coffee and then their 1 hour shift at the library. They arrive, a 3-story, Victorian building that stands in Kentucky. The job is fairly simple: make sure no books are taken, no vandalism is done and most importantly, make sure no one is allowed in the back room. Why is the back room most important? Well, no one knows. That is until they see for themselves. From 10 a.m in the morning to 12 a.m at night, he opens the doors and closes them. For 4 years nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

As the hours reach to 10 p.m the library is considered close, but the security guard must stay until 12 a.m. As the library closes, another day of no problems, Howard simply sits and rests until midnight. That is until a small sound is heard. Surprised by this, the security guard makes their way to the bookshelves. They call out. “Hello! Library is closed.” No answer. Once again the noise is heard, this time towards the back room. “You aren’t supposed to be here! Come out and I’ll e****t you out.” Again, no answer. The security guard approaches the door to the back room and knocks. “I’m coming in and I want your hands up when I open the door!”

The noise stops. The security guard storms in, but nothing. The room is empty with nothing but a desk, a chair, a stairway and a cabinet. Confused, the guard scopes around to see if there are signs of movement or life. But there was nothing at all. Just after the guard begins to walk back, the same sound is heard except towards the stairway. They approach it and the sound becomes more defined. You could describe it as if it were metal rods falling on the floor. The guard approaches the stairway, the sound is more clear as they look down.

The stairs spiral downwards into what could be another room. They began their descent with a flashlight at hand, the atmosphere began to feel ominous and eerie. The guard calls out again, “You shouldn’t be in here! Show yourself immediately!” However instead of no response, a low growl escapes from the darkness. Slightly frightened, the guard calls out one more time “Show yourself!” Their flashlight began to flicker uncontrollably with yet another low growl. The guard attempts to retreat back into the back room, however, they couldn’t see the room. There was no light anymore. They continue to climb the stairs hoping they can reach the top. But alas they couldn’t, They cry out “Is anyone here?” Now instead of one low growl the entire dark space lets out numerous growls and the sound of distant metal falling.

Filled with panic, the guard descends down hopefully to reach the bottom. But what felt like hours, the guard was still in the stairs waiting and waiting for the floor. The sounds continued to torment the guard and soon the sounds stopped. The guard points their flashlight to the darkness only to see hideous skeletal figures on the walls. The figure turns and shrieks and soon all the figures do the same. The guard takes no time and starts to run up the stairs, covered in tears and filled with sheer terror the guard screams of the horrors they witnessed.

And soon they reach the back room. The noises immediately stopped as soon as the guard left the back room and locked the door. Shaken by the insidious being, the guard looks at the time, only for it to be 10:01 p.m. What felt like hours of pure torment, the guard locked the library and left.
Dark rooms and such sound a little more sinister than they have been before. The darkness is no joke, for what hides in it can truly make your blood run cold.

  • IronMosquito

    Welp, I figured it’s about time to return from my unexplained absence and get back to doing what I enjoy- b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶ ̶h̶a̶t̶e̶r̶ reviewing these things!

    This was pretty good! Aside from a few grammatical errors and capitalization issues, your story was clean and easy to read. I do feel, however, that it was a bit underdeveloped and juuuust slightly generic with the whole, “mysterious back room” trope. Otherwise, great job.

  • Sterling Dullaghan

    I like it alot. It had my heartrate up. But it needs to be developed a little more. Its kind of how I am writing this paragraph with short rlsentences that don’t blend.