Spooky Noodles Series: THE CLASSICS

Story 1 – Nowhere is Safe

You are a high schooler in between classes. You open up your locker to find a severed head! The head has a note on it that says, “You’re next!” What do you do and how do you avoid being next?

You go to the school guidance office to report about the severed head in your locker. Then you already know it – there is a killer somewhere in the school. You don’t know who it is, don’t know who to trust so you better rely on your own instincts. Then you realized that every student is a suspect, even the teachers and the staff.

You were sent home early from school after you were traumatized and went home having to feeling that you can’t shake off what just happened and what you must do to avoid being the next victim. Probably you’re the second victim of the school since the last victim was probably the first.

You went to prepare so you bought a knife from the internet to have something to protect yourself.

You have a knife now, a switch blade that can be unleashed by the click of a button. You bring it in school, but since there was danger in the school campus, the guard had to check your pockets and bag. They saw you have a knife. Then you were becoming the suspect which the knife was evidence. And then you got caught to be framed and you see the killer wearing a black hoodie jacket smirking at you as you were taken away by the guards of the gate and sent you to jail.

“At least… it is safer here.”

Then you find the killer is in the same cell as you are. NOWHERE IS SAFE!

Story 2 – Violin

There is a certain woman who plays the piece of the violin in her house and lives alone. Everyday she practices it and rehearses it to improve. But once the song was finally finished, she hears clapping applause inside the room although there is no one there.

Story 3 – Pictures

The girl who loves taking pictures went to an antique store to buy a camera. It was old and dusty but she bought it anyways. She started taking pictures of her family members, her relatives, her friends, and loved ones. The next thing you know is that when the person in the photo was captured, they will die within 24 hours by accidents. The next thing she knows in the morning is that everyone she took pictures of are dead and she took a selfie to repay her debts of the dead.

Story 4 – The Doll of the Daughter

In the same antique store, a little girl and her parents went there to buy a certain doll. She’s always wanted. She pointed out the doll but they were warned by the old man that the doll is cursed or possessed but the family was an atheist so they bought it anyways. The next thing you know is that after the day of today to tomorrow, the little girl went missing in the woods with her doll. The parents started looking for her all around the woods and found her doll. The next thing you know is that the doll was their daughter trapped inside the doll and it’s alive.

Story 5 – Eaten Alive

The woman lost her loved one which was her husband from an accident. After the grievous funeral, the woman came back to his grave, dug out the coffin out, opened it and took the body with her going back home. She practiced her necromancy spells to bring him back from the dead, causing him to be a zombie. He was a zombie that doesn’t remember anything and it was craving for human flesh. The zombie attacked her and ate her heart and devoured her flesh.

Story 6 – The Door to the Basement

Such a curious little boy saw a basement door that never was there before. He opened it and went inside down there just to find out he’s inside another world of morbid places full on horrifying and terrifying abominations. Then he finds himself running away from monsters but the next thing you know he was just in his room seeing hallucinations and voices panicking.

Story 7 – Scarecrow

A young boy who loves to craft lives in the farm at the countryside of the country. He loves making things and building stuff out of wood. He’s seen crows and other birds trying to infest the farm so he made a scarecrow. But what happened is that the scarecrow came to life, devouring the flesh of every bird it sees and there would be nothing there left but bones and blood on the ground and on the corns.

Story 8 – It can’t be killed

In a huge palace, a man created his own monster but loses his memory before he could make the monster stable. Now he’s stuck inside the palace and have to escape because he read one of his diary entries that he created an abomination. Slowly and slowly into the dark he loses his sanity and found the monster. He was chased and he closed the door and locked it, he then… hide in the closet by the time the monster breaks in, there was no one there except for the monster now the man has to escape by stealth as his life is on the line.

Story 9 – Mannequin

At the department store as a guard in night shift, I have to watch over the whole store all by myself with my trusty pistol and my flashy flashlight. I wandered around to patrol in the store then suddenly I felt like being watched. So I looked behind me and there was no one there except for the mannequins. I looked behind me again after a few more steps further into the darkness. I saw the mannequins staring at me, suddenly I moved faster away and the next thing you know… is that all of them are behind me.

Story 10 – Laughter

The grandfather had this tradition of laughter for years and generations to come. They say that the family along with the rest of the bloodlines are cursed to be possessed by an evil spirit to those who feed on sadness, depression, and grief or sorrow. Any negative emotion the evil spirit sees will surely devour their souls and the host will go insane and kill themselves just to end the pain. So every 29th of July they have to laugh all night without even having a reason to be happy about. So at that day of 29th of July they started gathering all the family members including the others of the bloodline and the grandfather told all of them to laugh and don’t stop no matter what. But there was one left in the family that didn’t attend the meeting which was the only child, a little boy. At that night he woke up by the hysterical laughter coming from downstairs in the dining room. The little boy went to his curiosity to find out why they are laughing. The boy peeked through the door and found it creepy so then after a while the door opened by suddenly by his father and saw him laughing while everyone was staring at him. Then there was negative emotion on the boy because of this menacing laughter of theirs and he got possessed by the evil spirit.

  • Jai Lynn

    Stories aren’t bad they just need more detail, and to be proofread before they’re uploaded. But otherwise it’s pretty decent