Sorry – Before

Hi, my name is Connor. I live in a nice little city called Boston, its in Ohio.

I love to go put at night and look at all the wildlife. There’s A LOT  of deer. We always go hunting, me and my father.

Well at least we did.

I only live with my dad now, my mom died 2 years ago. I’m 18

Anyways lets get to the story, shall we?


“You’re not going out!” He yelled ” F##K YOU DAD” I screamed “GET TO YOUR F#####G ROOM!” I stomped up the stairs.

Ever since Mom died dad has been, well, I’ll put it in a few words , a d##ch. I thought that he wou-



What is that. It sounds like a siren but, in text form I think its more like a cop car. 

“SON!” My dad screamed up the stairs. “Were getting nuked!” I didn’t believe that.”PACK YOUR Ba-”

Silence, I liked it but for some reason I don’t think I realized that we need to leave and my dad just cut off in his sentence.

There’s something wrong.

I yelled down the stairs, “Dad…” I could hear wheezing but I didn’t want to check what it was. I walked down the stairs cautiously. I looked left and then right. There he was, my father was bleeding to death. I ran towards him he was dying fast. I had to do something.

Just then something darted past our window. “Your going to be my experiment.” 

I woke up in a dark room that looked all science fiction. Then he came out and he had a huge pair of tweezers. I tried to run, but he cut off my arm. I was in so much pain I couldn’t move.  He shoved a big piece of metal in the wound. Almost like a sword.

The pain was unbearable. He let me go, Right after he gave me a shot. I felt like killing him. I put on my hood and he looked at me. “what are you doing?” 

“You should have said SORRY

I stabbed him in his stomach and ran. I ran for my life. Im a monster. well i have to end this story off here. I see three kids in a van. There my new experiments…

  • Ty

    Come look at my story it’s called: The reaper

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    0/5 Just…. ecch.