Sonic Riders: Zero Chances

I came home from school. It was a long day so I said to myself, “Screw it, let’s play Zero Gravity.” So I plugged in my Wii, put in the game and started playing.

Everything was normal… at first, but when I beat the hero’s story section, Jet said, “You’ll pay for this.” While turning to the camera. At first, I thought it was just an in-game joke, but something seemed out of place.

I said to myself, “Yeah, right.”As if to taunt him. But instead of the game progressing, Jet looked up at me and said, “Oh wasn’t talking to him, I was talking to you.” Frightened for my life, I quickly turned off my Wii and went downstairs for dinner.

As I walked back up the stairs 15 minutes later, I heard a voice, similar to Jet’s, saying, “You’ll pay for this.” As I entered my room, I noticed my Wii was turned on with Zero Gravity already loaded but the music was not playing.

I checked my volume and it was working fine. But as I put the remote down, I realised Jet was looking at from the screen. I asked him, “What do you want from me?”

He didn’t reply, but rather grinned as pulled his Ark of the cosmos repeating 3 times, “Zero Gravity, Zero Chances.”

His stone bracelet glowed bright. Suddenly, I got a migraine and passed out. As I woke up, I saw Jet hovering above me only to realise that there was no gravity in my room. So I, too, was hovering in the air.

Then I realised the meaning of what he said. Zero Gravity means Zero Air, Zero Air means I won’t be able to breathe, causing me to suffocate. I took one last look at the TV to see Jet, only for him to say, “I told you, you’ll pay.”

And with that I was gone.

So if you have a copy of Zero Gravity, all I can say is that… YOU MIGHT BE NEXT!

  • Puddin Tane

    Poorly written. Didn’t even get to the half way point and I am already finding trouble with missing words, incomplete sentences. And that was just the first two paragraphs. I can’t be bothered with reading something that I have to edit while reading, especially when it comes to finding the missing words. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it seems like you really just didn’t care about the story. You just wanted to get something out there. Better luck next time.

  • Hope

    I actually still have this game. I don’t play it often though