Something Truly Terrifying is Following Me Around

This all started about 5 years ago, me and my cousin Sinead decided to rent a flat together as we were 18 and both getting sick of living at home, we rented a small flat in a small town in Ireland, close to our place of birth.

From the beginning I could tell there was some form of entity in the home, it didn’t seem frightening, I just got that feeling. Some examples of things that would happen were, doors randomly slamming, presses opening, our dogs randomly barking and stuff like that but nothing that seemed harmful.

My cousin Sineads boyfriend would come around quite a lot, and let’s just say he more than liked to dabble in the dark arts, Ouija boards, rituals all that sort of thing. One evening he asked us if we would like to join in, curious we said yes, that was mistake number one.

We played the Ouija board five or six times before anything really happened, we had small encounters, but nothing truly terrifying. After a while of playing it we had a truly terrifying encounter, Sineads eye’s rolled back into her head and her voice deepened, in a low growl she said, “This is and always has been my home.”

The months following that were some of the scariest months of my life. It went from doors opening and closing to hearing whispers in my ear, my phone dying at 100%, scratching on the doors, knocks within the walls, hearing heavy breathing wherever I went, voices and for the first time in my life sleep paralysis, something I’d never experienced before but has now became a regular occurrence.

The last straw for Sinead and I happened about a year and a half after moving into the flat. I woke up one morning at the exact same time as Sinead (which in itself is strange as I wake up much earlier than her usually) we walked downstairs together and to our horror the sight we were met with is one that I can still vividly see in my brain.

All the presses were open every cabinet, every drawer, everything and the scariest part was inscribed in the door in red marker was GET OUT! it wasn’t just on the door, on the fridge with alphabet magnets the same message was written. We both screamed and tried to get out but the doors locked and we were trapped there for hours, our hearts racing.

Two weeks later we moved out, into a different flat in the same town but now we could afford something nicer.

Little did we know the incidents in the first flat were just the beginning…

The first few months in the new flat were smooth sailing, nothing happened that was out of the ordinary.

One day I went to take a shower I heard footsteps coming up the stairs I thought nothing of it due to the fact we have two dogs between us and continued to shower.

I got out of the shower and made a discovery that shocked me, both of our dogs were in the backyard at this time, now I was terrified.

When Sinead got home I told her what happened she immediately fell on her knees and broke down in tears going on about how it couldn’t be happening again. I told her maybe it’s a one time occurrence and probably nothing to worry about.

God was I wrong.

Over the next few weeks my sleep paralysis resurfaced, so did Sineads.

Terrifying incidents started recurring, things that hadn’t happened in months. We brought in a local priest to bless the house, said prayers, saved the house everything. Even Sineads boyfriend didn’t know what to do. We felt hopeless trapped with this dark entity following us around, it seemed to show no mercy we would wake up to blood coming out of picture frames and the walls.

We jumped from flat to fiat but there was no escape. We had to learn to live with this dark entity plaguing us.

I felt like I was going insane, every movement sent me into panic mode I constantly felt irritated, the spirit was starting to affect my everyday life. The thoughts that there was no way I could stop it and I had to live in such hell, I became severely depressed.

I can’t understand Sinead and I are out of that apartment years now and we still live together and if anyone has any advice I’ll take anything at this stage…

  • Serri

    Go to a church and ask for Holy Water put it where ever it occurs the most and also get a Santa Maria candle light it, change the water every morning if it’s going into rooms, use salt to block it from entering. A line of salt at the door or any doors in the room and windows, also put a cross above the doors and windows of it gets angry

  • XxSerixX

    Get holy water, you’re gonna need it. Put a small bowl and put it in there make sure to change the water every morning. Get a Santa Maria candle light it next to the bowl and send your prayers to help. If it gets angry use salt, put a line by doors and windows so it shall not enter. If you still feel unsafe by crosses and put above doors, God bless you.

  • Catsofwisdom479

    My advice is leave sinead. She’s the haunted one.