Smiley Heidi

A petite girl, the age of 19. She was walking home from a wonderful day at college. Heidi, her name. Short red hair, and freckles. She opens the door to her apartment and puts her bag down and begins to work on homework.

Everything was fine, until Heidi heard a scream. It was coming from her bathroom. Heidi, being the brave girl she was decides to go investigate the shrieking. She creeks open the bathroom door, her eyes widen, There was blood everywhere. A smiley face was written in blood on the mirror. She ran out of the bathroom and runs to the living room to grab her phone and call the police.

“Hello!?” Heidi screams into the phone. Nobody was picking up. She grabs a knife from the kitchen. “Who’s in here!?” Heidi yelled, no answer was heard. Her phone rings. Hesitant, she picks up the phone. “Hello? Who is this?”

“Smiley Heidi, Smiley Heidi, Smiley Heidi”

The voice chanted, That tune gave Heidi a memory. When Heidi was younger, only her aunt could take care of her. Her parents died from Cancer. Heidi had a talent, she could smile in every situation. Even when her parents died, she giggled. This caused her aunt to abuse her. Her aunt would hit Heidi with a belt, trying to wipe the smile off of her face. Even at the prep school Heidi attended was horrible. People calling her names, everyone hated her. Heidi had nobody. She was constantly sent to the principal for laughing at what she wasn’t supposed to. She was given the nickname “Smiley Heidi” and that’s what the others around her called her. Heidi hangs up the phone and clutches the knife in her hand. Suddenly, there’s a chant outside of her apartment.

“Smiley Heidi! Smiley Heidi! Smiley Heidi!”

She recognized the voices. It was them. The people who made her life miserable. They were teasing her. “Try to smile at that!” A muffled voice yelled. It wasn’t just them. It was him. It was a trick. The blood in the bathroom. It made her angry. She couldn’t bare it. She was angry, she wanted to make all of them suffer. Heidi drops the knife, walks to her door, and she opens it to see 10 to 14 people standing outside her house. At the sight of them, it made her even more angry. The chant grew louder and louder. “Look who it is! Smiley Heidi!”

“Stupid Smiley!”

“Your family never loved you!”

Heidi snapped. She charged at the boy in the middle ripping his lips off, tearing out his tongue. She scratched his face giving him scars and cuts. He screamed. Everyone watched Heidi rip the boy apart with her bare hands. It was one after one. She ripped them all apart, she made them all scream. She made those bastards pay for the torture she went through. He hands were covered in blood, it stained her skin. Her clothing was splattered all over. Nobody was left alive. Heidi disappeared that day. Some people say they have seen her near the apartment. Nobody knows what happened to Smiley Heidi.

  • Laughing Jack

    I love stories like this🖤🖤