Sleep Paralysis

After a long day of work you want to go home and relax right? Your sleep is always good after a long day, unless you’re me.

In my case I experience this thing called sleep paralysis, the phenomena where you’re sleeping but your awake and can’t move.

It all happened after my family’s death.

They were all on vacation out-of-state for the fourth of July when a drunk driver struck the car killing my mom, dad and sisters.

Luckily I was grounded for the week for not cleaning my room a few days earlier.

I began having odd dreams but I am or was a lucid dreamer so I could dream up ghost turning into puppies, or so I thought.

The dreams got weirder and weirder but only lasted a few minutes and I was fully aware I was dreaming until the fourth of July came around.

I was sleeping that night ignoring the loud booms and cracks across the neighborhood from the fire works I lived in that house alone and the fireworks startled me.

As I drifted off to sleep the sound of fireworks slowly faded, but the sound of a car horn blazed louder. I began to run the car coming straight at me, but I wasn’t moving anywhere. In front of me another car honked. I was preparing for my doom by closing my eyes the best I could then everything went silent. When I opened my eyes again I was in my bedroom. I thought I was awake the fear of getting hit lifted from my shoulders.

I tried to get up but I couldn’t move anything but my eye balls.

My eyes shifted up and I saw it a black figure with its “hands” gripped around my neck. Panic set in as I looked around to see the other 3 figures standing around. It occurred to me the figures represented my family my mother father and 2 sisters.

I began to gasp for air it seemed the world was in slow motion was this real life was this what it feels like to be strangled, that’s when I fell. I woke up in a dark room it was as if I was in my conscience completely dark. A damaged hallway began to glow filled with doors behind them a dim white light.

I was finally able to move and I walked down the hall finding memory’s and a door that said wake up. I went to the wake up door and I opened it.

I woke up but not in my bed, I woke up in a hospital room.

“Jonathan your awake,” I heard a woman say.

“You survived the accident.”

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    This is awesome! Great job