The Fifth Floor

If you have read my previous creepypasta you would have know my college is kind of a weird place where weird things happen.

So if you guys know about the android app called “Ghost Radar” which says that it converts weird EMF reading into words. Though mostly those words don’t have a relation with whats happening in real life but many a times it does have a relation.

So me and my two friends we were just messing with this app, So this app kept saying the word “FIFTH”. First i thought its just some random word but then it struck me that actually my college has an kind of abandoned floor which is our 5th Floor, So as we were just the newcomers we didn’t know much about it but as in case of humans we like to do the things which are prohibited to do. So we decided to explore it.

But the main problem was the guard who used to sit on  4th floor blocking the stairs to 5th floor. So we somehow distracted the guard sitting there and ran up the stairs to explore whats up at the 5th Floor. We were just looking here and there roaming around the classes we noticed that all class doors were locked. While we were exploring the floor i just remembered that i had forgot to open the Ghost Radar App, Then i opened it the first word it showed “TWENTY”, It struck my friend that lets go to class no-20.

While we were on our way to the Room No-20 there were few sheets of metal which are used for construction leaned on the wall, While we were moving a Black Cat crossed our way, Somehow it was there under the sheet of metal leaned on the wall there was a small gap in between from where it came. Now me and one of my friend didnt believe in this kind of superstitions that walking on the path were a black cat has crossed the way is said to be a sign of bad things to come, so we continued walking and we even pulled our 3rd friend with us even though he believed in this kind of stuff.

Now we reached the room number 20 what i noticed was there were pieces of broken glass, Which actually were not there when we first checked all the rooms, The other thing we found was that the door of room 20 was now unlocked. This made us a bit scared that we saw nobody else on this floor and now the room which was locked is unlocked all of a sudden.

There was blue colour film sticked on the glass of windows so it made the room so dark even in day light. So as we were standing outside the room the Ghost Radar App constantly gave us some words which made no sense at that time but which made sense which we came to know later on those words were “EVIDENCE ” , “SLEPT” , “STUDYING” and “DEAD”. Like this words kept coming in random order till were close to room 20

Slowly we entered the room, it was very dark and the atmosphere of the room was suffocating and the room was very cool, In every room the chairs are fixed to the ground but in this room some of the chairs were fixed and some were lying here and there broken as if someone pulled it off the ground and threw it, Even the white board was broken.

We heard some noise so we were looking around and we saw a figure standing in dark at the opposite side of where we were standing. We were completely freaked out we ran towards the door but now the door was locked. We were Trapped. We ran towards the window as the window too as the door opened in the corridor. It was closed we took a broken chair and smashed it through the window. The figure which was of a girl was still standing there watching us.

We ran out of the broken window into the corridor i looked behind, the girl was still standing there with an evil smile and then it disappeared. We ran towards the elevator as it was much nearer compared to the stairs which were completley on the other side. We called the elevator and it was on 1st floor and it was coming up, But then soon the display which shows the floor number were the lift is currently behaved weirdly. It showed first 1 then straight 3 then 6 (This floor doesn’t exist) then 2 then 0 then 4 like so randomly even to floors which didn’t exist but not to 5th floor.

Then it finally came the 5th Floor we went inside the elevator we press the button for Ground Floor and the Elevator started moving down but when it opened it was again the 5th Floor. We were Dead Scared. We tried it again to 2nd Floor Elevator started moving down again but when it opened it was again the 5th Floor. Then we heard a very Loud Evil Laugh we left the elevator and started running towards the stairs. The windows of the other classes started to break on its own as we passed it. We just closed are eyes and kept running to save our life finally we reached the stairs.

We started climbing down the stairs and the lights on the stairs started flickering and on the last step it was the spirit of the girl waiting for us. We shouted for the guard but he couldn’t listen to us like that spirit was stopping the guard from listening us. It was still standing there with its evil smile. We knew if we had to die we would die trying. We ran and jumped of the stairs towards the 4th Floor corridor. We passed through the spirit and onto the ground and luckily we were still alive. I looked back and spirit had disappeared.

Then we were questioned by the guard what were you doing upstairs and all those stuff, after answering them we went away and finally now we were away from the 5th Floor. Then we asked are friends if they knew anything about the spirit. One of my friends said he didn’t know much but he said he just knows that some girl committed suicide jumping from the Fifth Floor 2 Years ago. Luckily one of the seniors from that batch lived near my house. So i went to him, and now those 4 words (“EVIDENCE ” , “SLEPT” , “STUDYING” and “DEAD”) which constantly came when we were on Fifth Floor in the Ghost Radar App made sense.

He said that two years ago that girl used to study in his class, and she was caught sleeping (F**king) with a boy in room number 20 and a professor recorded that clip and told that girl to sleep with him or else he would make the tape viral. Then  after a few days the girl committed suicide by jumping from the 5th Floor cursing that she would kill whoever would enter the 5th Floor. I don’t know why she left us alive like we are probably the only guys who went to the 5th floor since that day and are still alive.

  • Jay

    Nicely written story which keeps the reader to read it till the end and good combination of suspense and horror- the only thing which readers like me expect in a creepy story.
    Keep up dude !

    • SuperDemonKiller

      Thanks dude

  • Jordanna Coleman

    There is a good chance it’s not real, but you made it seem like it was real. Really nice story, and I liked how you mixed the Ghost Radar app into it. Ghost Radar is one of my fave apps.
    Anyway, please write more stories like this!