Silent Night

I always sleep with my lights on, and with a YouTube video running in the background. But this one particular night the internet didn’t really work. We used to have serious problems with our Wi-Fi, so that was just routine, but that night I also didn’t have any of my mobile data left, so the internet was slow as heck. Long story short, I had to sleep in silence.

The celling was cracking and making noises, which was also a normal thing. Our celling was made out of wood, so it’s just natural. Normally that wouldn’t unnerve me at all, but when I was laying there in silence I felt the fear lurking in the back of my mind. My head started playing tricks on me, I swear I saw a hand coming from underneath my bed – what a cliché right? I got increasingly more creeped out and then, I heard the wooden floor creak. I froze, suddenly I wasn’t able to move. I was so terrified that I just completely lost my ability to move.

The floor boards were creaking again, and then… I heard this goddamn knock, that I still can’t get out of my f*****g head. It was a faint knock on my door; it knocked twice actually. I was paralyzed, I laid in my bed and started crying. I never felt such a strong feeling of dread. I felt a flash of cold and then a flash of heat, over and over again. I just started whispering “go away” over and over again.

I wanted to scream for my Mom but I really couldn’t raise my voice. I remembered my Mom telling me to call out to Jesus, in case that it’s a demon. And even though I’m not a Christian at all, I was so scared and wanted it to end, that even the most irrational thing seemed logical in that moment. It didn’t do anything – of course. So I waited, crying hoping it would go away. In the end everything was silent. Nothing came, and I didn’t hear anything else. I was able to move again, and I got up and picked up my cd player and a disk. All I wanted was to not lay in silence again. Since then I’m even more scared of sleeping in silence. Even though I know that I was hallucinating and it probably wasn’t real, I still never wanna live through this again. I know it’s not a traditional “scary” story, but idk I felt the need to share it 🙂

Author’s Note: I’m German, so sorry if my English isn’t the best. Btw this a true story, I lived through this, and again I was hallucinating (was actually diagnosed with a strong depression including psychotic symptoms so yea it was definitely a hallucination). I’m not even gonna try to sell it as something paranormal. And yea my Mom really told me to do that. She is a rather “extreme” Christian)