Revenge as Sweet as Eyes

Unknown- I see you.

Me (Nina)- What? No you don’t.

Unknown- I so do.

Nina- Who is this…?

Unknown- That’s for me to know…

Nina- And me to find out.

Nina- Yeah yeah, I’ve heard that one before.

Unknown- Oh I know, I know all about you.

Nina- Then what’s my name?

Unknown- Nina Lynn.

Nina- Okay okay, that was easy.

Unknown- My turn

Nina- What? No. You said…

Unknown- I know what I said!

Unknown- Now, answer my question.

Unknown- Do you know anyone by the name Lulu?

Nina- Never heard of it.

Unknown- Lies.

Nina- No…

Unknown- Tell the truth, or you won’t be able to use those pretty little eyes of yours to text back.

Nina- Fine.

Nina- I’ve heard of her, but never talk to her, I’ve never even seen her…

Unknown- Tell a lie for an eye…?

Unknown- Tell the truth.

Nina- I am! I promise.

Unknown- Tell the truth, or no eyes, which one?

Nina- Okay, just please, if I have a glass eye everyone will make fun of me, and I won’t be able to see… I do or did know her, my friends would be mean to her. I had nothing to do with it I swear.

Unknown- Guess I get your eyes then.

Nina- Fine, it was me…

Unknown- What was you?

Nina- I did it, I started making fun of her, then everyone else joined in.

Unknown- That’s better

Nina- You happy now…?

Unknown- Nah.

Unknown- Have you ever talked to her since then?

Nina- No…

Unknown- What would you say to her if you saw her?

Nina- I don’t know, I would say sorry, for everything.

Unknown- Not good enough.

Nina- What else am I supposed to say?

Unknown- What song would you listen to if it was the last one you ever listened to…?

Unknown- Actually don’t tell me, just put in your head phones, turn around, and put the music as high as it will go.

Nina- O-okay…?

The front door opens as Lulu walks in. Her face smeared in blood, from her last victim. Her black bangs covering where her eyes should be.

Lulu- You realize what she, I mean, I had to do to get outa there?

Lulu- I had to sacrifice my eyes.

Lulu- Take out your head phones and turn around, eyes open, don’t make a sound.

As Nina turns around she sees Lulu’s face, her eyeless sockets. She wants to scream but keeps it inside. She silently cries.

Lulu- This is what happened, because of you, because you have to bully people you and your friends. I sold my eyes to get out of there, away from you.

Lulu- You know how I can see?

Nina- H-how?

Lulu- I eat people’s eyes.

Nina runs but Lulu catches her, they face each other, Lulu moves her bangs, for Nina to see the empty void that once was her eyes. She then takes our a knife and stabs Nina in her right eye. Also she can watch as she gets her gets eye eating right in front of her very eye. Nina screams it pain, but it’s no use.

Revenge is as sweet as your eyes, I can now see again thank you.

Jenny- I don’t know the naas of the people that used to bully Lulu, so I came up with one. This is also my first story, so yay. If you want to see more of me you can follow me on Instagram @jenny.kidwell13. Also twitter @1_Moon_Stars_1. I will also try and post on here at least once a week.