August 15, 2001: A boy named Raasha stood at the door of his new house. He always wanted to move but his parents never wanted to. He was wearing a blue shirt with black pants and had dark black hair. He was excited to find his new room. He got to pick his own room because his sister Marge went to college. He got to his room and realized that there were strange sounds in the wall. He thought it was just a mouse so he tended to ignore it. He went downstairs to find his mother but only to find a tall dark figure standing in the living room. He only got a small glimpse before it faded into the air. He ran to his mom scared out of his wits yelling “DEMON! DEMON!”. Raasha told his mom but who’s going to believe a eleven year old anyway. So he forgot about the dark figure.

September 21, 2003. It was Raasha’s 13th birthday and he was a happy child then. Until he saw the dark figure standing outside the window. He went to follow it. It walked towards an old park. He followed it there only to see the figure to hit its head on a bar over and over again. Then Raasha’s felt the urge to do the same thing. He slowly walked towards the bar unable to control himself until he starts hitting his head over and over until blood is gushing out. His parents found him nearly dead on the ground. He was knocked out and he was taken to a hospital immediately. The doctors say the injury was not severe, but his mom soon realized that something went wrong in his head. He had taken his teeth and started biting himself over and over. His mom called an ambulance for there was blood everywhere. He was sent to a mental facility.

At the mental facility,the kids were put in separate rooms that were supposed to be sound proof. The screams of the insane kids were too loud. Raasha would try to sleep.He would only get to leave his cell once a day, that was lunch time.He got so hungry at night that he would try to eat the pillow. One day he got so hungry,that something inside him snapped.He felt a chill rush over his shoulder. He started pounding on the door over and over again.He would do it all night long until lunch the next day.Until one day were the glass on the door started to crack.So he pounded harder and harder until eventually the glass shattered. His hands were bleeding and there was glass stuck into his hands but he seemed to not feel a thing with the amount of adrenalin in his body. He got out of his cell then tried to escape but then he had got tased in the back of the head by a stun gun. He started to have a seizure and almost died. He was put in a dark cell with no window and was put in a straight jacket.

When he woke up something was wrong.He felt the urge to cause pain. Then he saw a flash of light.Not the kind of light like an angel.Like a hellfire light. Then he saw this dark figure walk up to him and asked “do you want revenge?”. He said yes and the dark figure touched Raasha’s shoulder. Raasha immediately felt pain and it was continuous until the dark figure disappeared. He now felt powerful,and he felt *good*. As time went on,he started to lose his sanity.By the time he was 15,he had gone completely crazy.He then felt so powerful that when he looked at the cell door and he imagined the door being forced open.Beleive it or not,that’s exactly what happened.The door swung open and Raasha had another chance to ecape.Now that he figured out what he could do,he had gone even more crazy with power.He had escaped the mental facility killing nearly 35 guards.

He had gotten so mad at his parents for putting him in that place,that they were his first target. He went to his house when they were sleeping and snuck into his parents window.Raasha was not planning his dad to have a 44 magnum right under his bed. His dad was awake but was pretending to sleep.His dad’s eyes were barely squinted so he didn’t know the person was Raasha.His dad slowly reached for his gun,and when he reached it he stood up and shot Raasha’s chest. Now he knows it’s Raasha.He ran to Raasha so upset then he looked at the bullet hole and the bullet fell out of his chest and the wound healed immediately.Raasha had a knife and slit his dad’s throat.The mom took the gun and shot Raasha multiple times. It did no damage. Raasha took the knife,and threw it into his mom’s head. He jumped out the window and ran into the nearby woods.Now till this day he kills anyone who disturbed his part of the woods.He hasn’t been seen till this day,and lives with blood on his hands in the woods of Florida.