Dear diary, I haven’t wrote in this for so long, haha!

Oh god… My mother told me that writing here after what happened could help me. But, I’m not sure.

What happened is… There’s been a murder in my school. And police couldn’t find who caused this. It almost happened in front of me. I was going to class when I heard a scream and I ran to see who was screaming like this and I saw a boy literally on fire who was trying to get out of the flames, but he seemed to be recovered of gasoline, so he couldn’t make it out… I was so horrified by what I was watching, I couldn’t move until a teacher came and made me move. And now.. The murderer is still free, I am so afraid of being the next victim, or one of my friends or a member of my family… It only could have been a student, that’s what the cops said.

Well… My mother wants me to go outside. So I’m gonna go. I’ll probably write here tomorrow.

Woah, dear diary, it’s been three days!

Well, I’ll explain everything that happened. When we got out with my mom, I was so scared to see a potential murderer, my mother calmed me down so we could both enjoy where we were. And I saw some guys selling some stuffs, so we went to see what they were selling. And I just saw a Majora’s Mask game for 3DS but with the paper a bit torn up and only wrote MM. I asked for the price, but the guys said to me that it was gratis, they didn’t knew from where this thing came up in their stand. One of them was familiar to me, but he wasn’t facing me at all, so I couldn’t recognize him. I took the game to my house, all happy to get a free Majora’s Mask game. The only one that wasn’t in my collection of Zelda Games! Yay!

So when we came home, I took my console and began playing the game. First weird detail, the title screen wasn’t with Majora’s Mask but with a weird mask that was on fire or something, that reminded me of the murder but I tried not to thing about it.

Second weird detail, there was already a save file named “PyroKid” but I didn’t touch it, since I didn’t have to.

Third weird detail, well, that’s not a detail…

The first kinematic where Link usually fell asleep on his horse and where the fairies got him down his horse etc… Wasn’t like that. Taya and Tael wasn’t there, and Link was all tense like he knew something was off. And then a boy came up to him and waved at him. Link waved at him too. The boy had middle-length dark hair on one side of his head, and short dark hair on the other side, and he wore the Mask from the title screen. He was dressed with a black hoodie and black trousers. I was a bit skeptical about his clothes, but anyways… What really shocked me was that he took Link’s hand and then Link and his horse were on fire. That just horribly reminded me of that boy. And then a text appeared. It said, “Well, at last some action… I hope the player isn’t a fool… So I could have some fun…” and what shocked me more was that he actually talked at the same time that his text was appearing! I was… Horrified… To say the least.

I didn’t touch my Nintendo after that, until the next day, so yesterday for me. Those two days were just dedicated to NOT dying in that stupid game. Whatever I do, that boy just burned Link like nothing. And he enjoyed the suffering of Link.

Anyways, I could gather some information’s about him. So, apparently, he calls himself Pyro Kid, probably a reference to Skull Kid. He burned up the Majora’s Mask, and took away all the masks of the Happy Mask Salesman before burned him too… He burned the fairies, the forest, the town, EVERYTHING. Like he was obsessed with fire or something.

Oh god! I just re-read what I was writing and now I see! That first save file named Pyro Kid! That’s probably him! Oh, dear diary, I am going to explore that first save file because holy crap I wanna know what’s going on!

So. Dear diary, I am gonna tell you and the one who reads this what happened to me!
First of all, when I opened the save file of Pyro Kid, he was just standing there on the clock tower, and looking at the burning city like he was just depressing about something. He wasn’t wearing his mask, but he wasn’t facing me at all. I just touched the joystick and he got up, like a normal playable character. But he could take his mask and put it again, he faced me and yelled trough the console:


I was surprised and I muttered my name.

“T… Taeko Yamada…”

He stopped and he leans his head to the side.

“Taeko Yamada… Taeko Yamada…”

He begun laughing like he was trying to get out his anger and sadness trough a single laugh.


I looked at him, surprised.


I looked at him in shock.

“I didn’t kill anybody..!”

He held out his hand like he could grab my neck.

“You killed me… If you didn’t help me that day… If you didn’t talk to me that way… If you didn’t make me interested in you… I would be alive by now!!!”

And I remembered what he was talking about, but I kept silent.

“I am going to tell you what actually killed me, YOU KILLED ME trough that son of a b***h named AYATO AISHI!!!”

He was so desperate and mad at me, all I could do is watch him in shock, but that seemed to make him even more angry. My console began to slowly burn my hands, so I let go the console to the ground and the screen just goes black, when suddenly a tiny hand goes out of the screen, and then an arm, and a shoulder, and a head and finally a corpse. It began to grow violently, and the corpse was moaning in pain, but he didn’t seem to care. He got up and it was him. From the video game. He was out of my console, and my console was burning.

“You saw me burning to the ground and you didn’t even tried to help me…”

“I… I tried! I just… I couldn’t move!”

He didn’t trust me, he never trusted anybody. He just leaned close to me and pulled me up by my neck. His hand was so hot, it felt like it was made of fire, he was burning me.

“P… Please let me go!”

“I’m gonna give you what you deserve.”


But he didn’t take back his hand. He watched flames go out of his hand and burn my skin slowly, the fire consuming my entire body like it was a piece of paper. My skin melted, the water in my body began to evaporate and I was screaming in pain. My parents began to panic while hearing me die and they tried to go in the room but I had locked myself. The last thing I saw was the smirk of the unmasked boy that was burning me to the ground.

Oh, how am I here to write this? Well, it’s not Taeko writing, it’s me, Pyro Kid. Fear me trough this name, because if anyone is capable of remembering my original name, I’ll hate it. I began with Taeko, and I will go on with other of those filthy girls that are just made to hurt us, boys. She killed me, and I killed her. Seems legit, right? Now, goodbye, I’m running out of ashes to write

  • Bonnie Manz

    Truthfully this seems like it was written by a high school student. The plot really doesn’t make any sense and really it’s just blood and gore. Honestly I couldn’t even finish it because the grammar and punctuation was so bad.

    • Arrisey

      Well, how’d you know? I am a high school student (and french btw) so, yeah that’s actually normal that it has some mistakes here and there, but, I honestly think that if we, creepypasta reader, are here it’s because we want blood and gore, and I didn’t put that much of it in my story. Thanks anyway for your opinion

  • Kingbuddy

    I’d like o point out, why happens in real life never has a plot. Not to mention, the 4th wall isn’t tall. It isn’t strong. So, for all we know, this could b real.