My friends and i stopped talking after the incident.   It was like there was a huge impenetrable sound proof wall constantly between us.  I didn’t mind because i don’t really WANT to speak to them, but then one of them stopped coming to school altogether… Later so did another.

They were reported missing and the town was in a frenzy, their small town did not have a lot of events like this, sure maybe every couple years they MIGHT get a missing report like this, but two in such short recession? It makes you want to believe they were being kidnapped by someone, a few weeks go by, and another of my friends go missing. Only three of them were left.

At this point i knew something was up, three people missing, and they also happened to be my friends who were involved in the incident.  However,  i did not speak up.  No one but our group of friends knew about the incident and we swore never to tell anyone about what happened. We agreed that the rest of us would say we had nothing to do with it, and that the kid who talked was trying to shift blame.

Two gone in one night this time the town was really going crazy.  I was the only one left. Things seemed normal for a few months, my friends had never been found and it sort of died down. I was even beginning to forget that i could be on the chopping block, but then that’s when i saw him.

Outside my window at night was a man dressed in black and white striped tuxedo, and a matching top hat. His face is covered by a purely white blank mask that’s strap hugs tightly to his skin, he was floating in the air with his arms outstretched as if he was nailed to the cross, and holding his head down a tad bit. I laid awake for the longest time, and when i did barely fall asleep i could tell i wasn’t dreaming by the fact that this was happening all night, and i was tired, i did not remember jolting awake at night atleast.

The next night he was noticeably closer, i still did not get much sleep whatsoever. It happened for the next few nights, he got closer and closer until he was up against my window, and tonight he moved, his arm slowly reaching down towards the bottom of the closed window, instinctively like a little kid hiding from monsters i put my face under the covers. The window opens up slowly, my heartbeat quickening as the sound continues, than simply silence and my pounding heart, but i have the overwhelming feeling they are still here. Slowly shifting my blankets to look out i find that the window is open, but the man is not.

The following seven days i slept perfectly fine, without any hassle.

But on the eighth day i was awoken by a faint melody, getting out of bed i rub my eyes and decide to investigate after waiting around ten minutes. Walking to the door the melody gets louder, and i slowly creak the door open, light pouring out from downstairs, i walk through the hallway and down my stairs, the light and the music are coming from inside the kitchen, the music blaring and i can tell it’s from a music box. Stepping into the kitchen on the floor is the music box, the song is beginning the speed up. I stand into the kitchen simply staring at the music box as its song speeds up and speeds up, the sound is distorting



And Faster

Until the music box breaks and the light goes out, sending me running up my stairs, as i am about to get back into my room i notice my parents room open slightly, walking up to it i push it open a bit, and peak inside seeing my parents inside their beds, walking inside of the room i call out to them, and they sit up in bed instantly.

Dad’s mouth flies open weirdly as he says “Hello son, how are you doing?” three times “I’m doing… ok? Did you not hear the music box?”

“Hello son, how are you doing?”


“Hello son, how are you doing?”

Looking more closely through the darkness i can see that these aren’t my real parents, in fact they are puppets, puppets held by string.

I slowly move back holding my mouth, holding back a scream, “dad” stands up from the bed, “mom” falls off of it, and her head breaks

“Hello son, how are you doing?” is what it says once again, jumping at me as i run out of the room, slamming the door on it and hearing its head smash open.

“You caused my death”  A deep voice booms allowed inside of my head “Now i will cause yours”

I make my way down the stairs once again and try to leave the house through the front door, But i find that my house is in a void

“There is no escape” He says once more “You WILL die as a human and become a puppet like your friends and family”

Turning around i come face to chest with the tall man, he is looking down upon me

“Y-You… You are that guy… W-We…:”


“We did not mean to kill you! We grabbed the wrong thing by accident!”

“Is that why you told no one… Why you left me to die looking like this..?” They pull their mask away to reveal a face burned by bleach, to the point where you can constantly see into their mouth which is also burned by the bleach badly

“I made puppets, and toys for children, i had a family, and a wife, and kids, and you took them all away from me”

I was beginning to sob and say “I’m so sorry” as I fell to the ground at his feet.  He picked me up with one hand and materialized a needle in the other.

“This is going to hurt a lot less than what had happened to me, but it is still going to hurt.”

He goes to push the needle into my skin, but i slap at it, and it sticks into my hand, i yelled out in pain, but also in defiance, i had gained a newfound will to survive, i pulled the needle out of my hand and stabbed it into one of his eyes, he screams and lets me go, ghosts apparently feel pain too.

I jump out into the void, and wake up in my bed in the morning. I go to check on my parents and can not find them anywhere, but i do see my dad’s phone.

My dad never leaves the house with his phone.

I called 9.1.1 reporting that i know my parents are missing, i eventually was taken to the police department in a police car until they found my parents

    As i watched back at my house, through my window i could see a tall man wearing a striped tuxedo, pants and top hat, with a white mask that has an X over where one of his eyes should be, looking down, and i know that until his bloodlust for me is quenched, he will continue to make people into puppets.

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