Prisoner 666

My name’s Anthony west and this really weird thing happened to me recently. I thought I would share it so ya let’s get started.

It was a normal day on a normal weekday so that meant no school. I was just watching the news. Now what was on the news was different. It was about some insane asylum member and how the search is still going on. She said watch out if you’re in my area.

But I wasn’t worried. It’s not like out of the whole town he would kill somebody. She then said if you see a man in a white mask with four b*****s where the mouth should be, alert authorities immediately.

I was kind thinking wow cool some crazy murderer on the run, what an interesting story I thought. I did a bit of research on my computer and found out people call him many name’s. Like The Slasher, his real name Edward, and lastly the most called name of all; Prisoner 666.

I kinda stopped searching because it got kinda creepy and my day went on rather quietly. My mom and little brother heard the news and we’re freaked out so yeah.

Later that night I had a horrible experience. I was trying to go asleep in my bedroom but kind couldn’t get my mind of that “Prisoner 666” dude. I hear a scream from the house next to is. I peeked out my window and seen a young girl with cut marks all over her running away from a guy in. White mask with four b*****s where his mouth should be.

The girl tripped and was too tired. The man went up to the body and ripped her heart out. I suddenly notices he had a bag that seemed to have something bloody inside. He opened that bag and I seen the most scariest thing ever. It was probably fifty hearts in a bag then he put hers in it.

He didn’t come nowhere near my house though. At least I didn’t think so. I locked all doors and went to bed.

When I woke up I noticed my door was open and the window. I checked for mom and my brother. I found my brother dead, but my mom was just gone no sight of her.

I called the police and they took care of me and gave me a new home. To this day that man I still alive and roaming.

Every night I have a dream and it’s the prisoner saying hearts are going to make you go to heaven so join me. I still don’t know why he didn’t kill me or why he says that.

I’ll catch ya guys up if something happens after all this was only seven months ago. All I can say is please pray the evil of “Prisoner 666” stays away.

One more thing, lately this other thing has been happening. It’s about this weird thing I’ve been seeing. When I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night I see him. But every time he’s different. First an asylum suit then a long sleeve shirt. It’s weird. It’s like he likes me alive. And also every time I see him in my bedroom, he has a knife that seems to have fresh blood on it every time. Okay I need to go bye.

  • Rev

    I liked the concept but the poor story writing and grammatical errors made it a difficult and in-enjoyable read.