Pizza Delivery – Part 2

Note from the author: I recommend readers to read Pizza delivery – Part 1 as there are some deep ties in this story with the previous one.

Agnes, I’m leaving”I said as I was opening the door. Agnes emerged and said, “Bye, sweetie, get back home soon.”

“Ok, bye,” I said and walked out.

When I entered the pizzeria, something was wrong, I saw everyone working but Mac wasn’t there, he was punctual and to my knowledge he hadn’t taken a leave since TWO YEARS. I shrugged it off and sat on the counter. I asked Bon if he knew about Mac, but he didn’t. A week passed. I tried to call him but his phone was out of reach.

I shrugged it off, thinking that he might be on a vacation or something.

A month passed when I finally asked Roman, our boss if he knew something about Mac. He did not. We could not report the police as we didn’t want our pizzeria to be closed down for some investigation. I learnt that he had gone for some delivery while closing out the pizzeria. From that day, he wasn’t seen again.

A whole year passed and still he did not return, some said, “He might have changed jobs,” others said, “he might have been slain when he went to the delivery location.”

Eventually, he was forgotten, the subject of his whereabouts lost interest and until one day, the topic was left. But, I did not forget that, how the f**k could I? We grew up together in the same school. He was like, my best friend.

Well, one day during working hours a woman called this pizzeria.

I said, “Hello?This is Smith’s pizzeria. How may I assist you?”

She said, “Yeah, Hi, I wanted to place an order…”

“Yes, ma’am, would it be for pick-up or delivery?”


“Ok ma’am, may I take your order?”

“One #45 with extra dip and one #9”

“Okay ma’am, It will be delivered within 30 minutes…”

I hung up and told the kitchen staff to make those items then I started browsing my phone I always loved reading creepypastas. So, I opened the app to check if anyone had uploaded a creepypasta. To my surprise someone had. Well, that’s not anyone because the uploader was Mac. I read the story which opened my eye. He was killed in a house while he was completing a delivery. I don’t know why but I didn’t show this to anyone. I was still thinking about this when John, the cook called me and said that order for the woman was ready. My f*****g luck was so good that none of the delivery boys were available. So, I had to go and make the delivery.

I went to the parking lot and I realised that all the bikes were also gone because the delivery boys had gone to complete deliveries. All bikes were gone except one. Mac’s one, I could identify it because it had a dent and he was unable to repair it. He literally had to pay each and every delivery boy to keep their mouths shut.

But, what got me was when I was about to put the pizza box in the container on the seat of the bike, there was a piece of paper, folded. I unfolded it, an address was written on it which was EXACTLY THE SAME AS WRITTEN ON MY PAPER.

I don’t know why a feeling hit me and I found myself running madly towards the counter.

I asked Roman, “Do you have last month’s database?”

He said, “Yeah, I am gonna delete ’em now, why?”

“Show me what was the delivery Mac made before disappearing?”

He told me the address and I felt the ground under me slide away. The address was exactly the same to which I will be delivering today. For a normal person that will be an ordinary delivery. But according to the creepypasta he was killed in that house. I took Mac’s delivery bike and rode to the destination. I checked my watch. 8:53 p.m.

I went to the door and knocked it. My heart was beating violently. A woman opened and called me in. She told me to keep the pizza in a table. She was grinning at me like I had Missed something. She handed me a 20 dollar note and asked for a change. I gave her the change. She thanked me and asked me to leave. I left the house and sat on the bike and when I saw a car pull over. A man came down. He ignored me and went and opened the door.

I started my bike and got the hell away. But, once, while riding my bike I turned back towards the house and saw… Lights were out and someone was waving at me from the window. It sent chills up my spine.

As a result I had to look back once in a while in the bike.

When I reached the pizzeria I took my leave and went home.

I reached my home and opened the door.

“Agnes, I’m home.”

No answer.


No answer

I searched every room in our house but she wasn’t there. All her belongings were gone too. My world was shattered.

Until I finally realised.

To be Continued in Part 3

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