Our Man Story 1

Like many other people on this site I have a story to tell. My family is spiritualist, so we of course, believe that there is another side to this world. Well for me, I choose to ignore them and at this time don’t believe in ghosts, for the simple fact that they scare me, but I’ve had my own encounters with things I can not explain.

This story has been years in the making. I first heard of him from my mother. She grew up with a man who only she could see, and just like any good ghost he’s been following her all of her life. She would tell us stories of her childhood of how this ghost man would lock all the doors on her, make himself visible in the darkest of moments, just to scare the crap out of her. Well I guess it was my turn now. And while I never shared my experience with anyone but her, I’d learn years later,  one story at a time till it became clear to all of us, that we weren’t crazy. They’re really was someone watching us all.

We were having a BBQ in my front yard (because we do not have a backyard) and the music was on full blast. I went inside to read a book because I was getting a headache. I sat in a bean bag chair in the farthest corner of the living room opposite the front door so I could see everyone that walked into the house.

I had been in the house for a while and I knew I was by myself and was about to put my book down when I heard the front screen open, now just a little fact for you, my screen door makes an awful lot of noise when you open it up. Well I looked up from my book and saw someone very tall with black short curly hair wearing some type of hat. After they came through the door they walked into the hall and made a sharp left towards my parents bedroom.

Now the only person who matches that description is my father. So it made sense at the time to assume it was him. But when I called out to him he didn’t answer. So after no response I started calling my uncle’s name who looks exactly like my father in every way except for the fact that he’s older but still, I got no answer. So after still not hearing any reply from anyone I started getting freaked.

That’s when I heard my parents’ door open and close and heavy footsteps coming my way. But it was strange, the music was up all the way from the speakers that were in the same room as me and I heard the door and those footsteps like there was no music playing. Everything thing seemed to close in on me all at once. I knew someone was coming but no one came around that corner.  I was scared to keep looking. Almost like if I stared long enough it’d be worse than I thought it was. It was at that point I shut my eyes and started screaming for my mom. Now I sat there screaming for a good five minutes and she didn’t come. I was too scared to open my eyes or get up that I started yelling for her in my head, and after another five minutes of talking to myself, my Mom finally came into the living room from outside.

When she came in, she asked me why I ran from her when I was yelling for her from across the yard. I told her that I hadn’t moved in the past half hour and that I was screaming for her 10 mins ago but she didn’t answer me. When we finally calmed from the yard deal I asked her who had come into the house awhile ago and she told me no one was here. She said that everyone had gone to get a couple of things at the store about an hour ago and it was just me her and my baby brother….

I swear I went completely white… when she saw my reaction all she said was, “You saw him, huh?”
My mother described exactly what I had seen down to the T and I never told her what I saw. Everything in my felt cold. She just looked at me with such worry. I asked her what the hell was going on. She just stared at me. When she finally spoke she told me, “It’s ok. He hasn’t hurt me. Scared the s**t out of me, but never hurt me. I was hoping you would never see him”