Only Nightmares

I woke up exhausted in a cold sweat. I couldn’t think straight, I felt as if I couldn’t see anything properly, only blurry pictures. Slowly I adjusted to everything around me, seeing the bottom of my bed where my feet lay on top of sprawled out bedsheets. All at once I remembered everything, my name, my age, my house and the mostly old items in it. I didn’t know why I had woke up so suddenly, then I examined myself.

My sweaty hands, my somewhat heavy breathing. I came to the conclusion I must have had a nightmare, and by the feel and look of it, it must have been terrible. But the strange thing is, I don’t remember any of it. Not a single detail. No axe murder chasing me, no monster screeching at me, nothing! It was confusing and frustrating all at the same time… But I decided I wasn’t going to let myself fall asleep again looking like this.

I sat up quickly, my breathing now reverted back to normal. I stood up, looking around my room a bit, everything seemed normal. I walked out the door of my room, through the seemingly endless hallway and turned towards the kitchen. I grabbed a clear, chipped glass from my cupboard as I passed by it. I filled it up with water and ice and drank until that glass was dry.

“I feel better now,” I thought to myself.

“I think I’ll try to fall asleep again.”

All of a sudden I heard a large crash from behind me, the sound of glass breaking. I live alone, and with no pets, so this made my heart jump quicker than I thought it could. I looked behind me and saw a creature, leaning over the broken glass on the floor. It had knocked a glass from the cupboard onto the floor, shattering it. I couldn’t make out this… thing… it looked like it had human features, but something about it seemed inhuman, I just couldn’t tell what. My heart was pounding, the creature looked up at me with its strange eyes, it’s dark, dark eyes, and all of a sudden I saw a bright flash of light. I was blinded. I only saw grey. My mind went blank.

I woke up exhausted in a cold sweat.