Obsessed with Creepypasta

I’m obsessed with creepypasta… I get really annoying when it comes to that… I don’t know all the names, but I do study them… Ticci Toby absolutely LOVES waffles! Eyeless Jack (EJ) looks like link, and I’m pretty sure eats organs or kidneys or something close to that. Clockwork has a small clock for her eye (obviously). Laughing Jack makes his own magical candy for kids, then kills them at the right time. Speldorman is Slender’s brother… and a lot more.

I love reading what happened in their childhood if they’re human (or was before) I also knew the observer and The Operators sign… that a good thing? Or a bad thing?

A couple days later, I decided to finally write/draw the operators sign on my thigh, so nobody sees it.


I started hearing things… like laughing, or whispers. Sometimes taps on the window. I thought the taps were rain… the laughs the neighbors… and the whispers, my family, in my house.

The sounds wouldn’t stop. It continued. I was going to tell my mother… but that would make me look insane. Because she never hears it. And everyone but me, is asleep.

I decided to listen to music while I slept with headphones for a couple minutes. It worked for the first night… I forgot the second

It’s the third night. I tried listening to music, but I failed. I got up to make some tea. I drank it peacefully… I tried sleeping… but I failed

It’s time for school… but not many kids are there. People say they got sick. Some committed suicide. Some murdered.

I don’t know why we are still in school after that happened… but it doesn’t matter. I decided to go wash off the symbol in the bathroom, because all of this seemed to happen after this.

It wouldn’t come off. I used all the soap, but it still never worked. I’m freaking out.

When I got home, I went in the shower. After I came out again, it was still there.

***A couple days later***

I decided to check the mark I did… it was still there. I was in fear for my life. What would happen to me…

Last thing I remember… someone with pale ‘skin’, no face, black suit, and some things behind him.

“You fool…” he told me angrily. I screamed as I slowly died.

  • trixie

    is this real?

  • Silenced killer

    Ending feels rushed, although the rest of the story was good, could be longer. Overall 4 Stars

  • Ivy Hawkins

    Little triggered ej doesn’t look like link Ben does and I may be wrong but I think you ment splendor as slenders brother then again I’m jidt tjithink