Obsessed with Creepypasta

I’m obsessed with creepypasta… I get really annoying when it comes to that… I don’t know all the names, but I do study them… Ticci Toby absolutely LOVES waffles! Eyeless Jack (EJ) looks like link, and I’m pretty sure eats organs or kidneys or something close to that. Clockwork has a small clock for her eye (obviously). Laughing Jack makes his own magical candy for kids, then kills them at the right time. Speldorman is Slender’s brother… and a lot more.

I love reading what happened in their childhood if they’re human (or was before) I also knew the observer and The Operators sign… that a good thing? Or a bad thing?

A couple days later, I decided to finally write/draw the operators sign on my thigh, so nobody sees it.


I started hearing things… like laughing, or whispers. Sometimes taps on the window. I thought the taps were rain… the laughs the neighbors… and the whispers, my family, in my house.

The sounds wouldn’t stop. It continued. I was going to tell my mother… but that would make me look insane. Because she never hears it. And everyone but me, is asleep.

I decided to listen to music while I slept with headphones for a couple minutes. It worked for the first night… I forgot the second

It’s the third night. I tried listening to music, but I failed. I got up to make some tea. I drank it peacefully… I tried sleeping… but I failed

It’s time for school… but not many kids are there. People say they got sick. Some committed suicide. Some murdered.

I don’t know why we are still in school after that happened… but it doesn’t matter. I decided to go wash off the symbol in the bathroom, because all of this seemed to happen after this.

It wouldn’t come off. I used all the soap, but it still never worked. I’m freaking out.

When I got home, I went in the shower. After I came out again, it was still there.

***A couple days later***

I decided to check the mark I did… it was still there. I was in fear for my life. What would happen to me…

Last thing I remember… someone with pale ‘skin’, no face, black suit, and some things behind him.

“You fool…” he told me angrily. I screamed as I slowly died.

  • trixie

    is this real?

  • Silenced killer

    Ending feels rushed, although the rest of the story was good, could be longer. Overall 4 Stars

  • Ivy Hawkins

    Little triggered ej doesn’t look like link Ben does and I may be wrong but I think you ment splendor as slenders brother then again I’m jidt tjithink

  • Luna

    Two things, first MEH EJ DOES NOT LOOK LIKE LINK THATS JEFFS BF!!Okay now that’s out of my system how did the mc die?!? Like what?!? It just says “as I slowly died” that just feels rushed. And is the mc telling the story in hevan? It’s first person but the mc dies and the mc is who is telling the story… So I’m confused

  • Ella Clark

    E.J. does NOT look like Link, that’s Ben!!!!!! This is the only thing that bothered me. The rest is pretty good.