Tell me… If you had to choose one thing, just one thing, that you fear the most, you may say death. But nevertheless, old age and time helps you welcome death and move on. Some may say they fear the ocean depths, but once again, that in itself can be fixed by some. However, is it truly fair to say that most phobias and fears are caused by our brain and how we think? Is it also fair to say that a lot of phobias may come from your fear of that one vast and yet terrifying thing, the unknown.

Hell, I fear the dark because of my ignorance and my screwed up imagination. I love the dark and its peacefulness, but… When I think of what could be crawling towards me or lurking in the vast expansion of the cold, brutal darkness, I run out of the darkness in utter fear of the thought. I can feel something chasing me and lounging for my legs, trying to capture me.

And yes.. You can say it’s a rather childish fear, but I have a right to be afraid and you should too. My dreams, those stories, the movies, and… and… that one night. I saw them and I witnessed the true meaning of 3:00 A.M. For it is not when the demons come out to scare you, it is not the play time for the little things in your big house, it is the time that “they” come out to play.

They play alone, in pairs, or in groups. They have sleepovers and parties and they love visitors. The older the house, the more there are, but there can never be a true number or estimation of how many there are. They hide in your dark walls, in the attic, or basement. They fear the day light but love the night. They worship one species and one only, mammals, specifically humans.

But you don’t have to fear them if they love you so much… Right? Well, have you ever had a scab or scar mysterious appear on your flesh after a good night’s sleep. You may wonder, how did this happen? I may be able to explain how… Those things mark you as theirs and claim you. For you are never free, you belong to them. Remember that birthmark or permanent scar on your body, what if I told you they gave it to you?

They feast on your waste and eat your remains once you die. They dance around your bed and play hide and seek in your dark bedroom. They only come to visit you while you’re sleeping. They will not come in if you remain awake but just like you, they grow inpatient. They hate to wait for food, a drink, but most of all… Company and happiness.

If you stay awake too long, they will grow inpatient… If you awake during their party, they will hide. But if they are sure that you found them, they will be frightened. They are more afraid of you than you are of them. But their fear is much different from yours… They will attack.

If you die in your sleep, you know how. If you hear foot steps on the floor, you know who it was. And yes, I know it is scary to think of it but… They are there, watching you. They love you. Don’t move away because they will find you, you are theirs and theirs alone.

I was once theirs, they scared me and I awoke to see one. They tried to kill me because of it and because I stayed awake. However, we came to an agreement. I would feed them raw mammal remains in exchange for my own life and freedom. I got lucky.

Now they party while I am awake and they worship me as a god. You can say I am one of them. Hell, you may be one of them. What if I told you, you were them? What if I told you we as a whole have evolved from them? But that’s not even the scariest part…

No, the scariest part is that “they” are the unknown itself. You were once unknown… Everything was once unknown, even the darkness is unknown. I know, you may be thinking, “No… for real, what are they?” Well there is no true answer or explanation to answer that question. All I can say is that they are like ghosts… We know nothing of them or about them.

So what exactly am I saying… “Fear them, sleep away the night to avoid them, stay calm, don’t wake up, don’t listen or pay attention to the cold darkness of your house, and don’t get up… They are there right now, staring directly at you.”

  • I feel bad for anyone who reads this one at night 😂

  • Aly Greg

    I hate myself now for thinking too much after reading this. My poor self…