Not All Kids Who Run Away Run Away on Purpose

Author’s note: Hey everyone! If you have read some of my stuff you might have realized I’m not a very good writer. With every story I try to improve. Anyway, enjoy the story. Also, this story is inspired by a creepypasta called “I don’t think my Friend ran away”

Before I tell you this story, I want to tell you about my friend Emma. She had a loving family and group of friends. Me being in that group. I actually had a crush on her, and the day before she went missing I was going to tell he how I felt. We were all juniors in highschool, and as everything else, the other highschool kids didn’t take it seriously. One day this happened:

“Yo Dave where’s that little runaway girlfriend of yours?”

“Shut up Mack.”

“Make me Dork Dave.”

Everything after that was a blur, but it ended with Mack with a bloody face, and me a black eye. Emma went missing actually a month ago today. I found out that she went missing when I hadn’t heard from her all day. I walked to her house to see if she was sick and hadn’t told me it something. Her mom wasn’t home so I knocked on the door. No one came to the door. I tried the nob and the door was… Unlocked. I was scared that something happened so I charged in. I ran to her room to find it all tidied up like normal. Only, no Emma. There was a note on her bed. It read: Emma is with me now. Don’t try to find us. She is free. She is safe. Signed “S”. I could feel tears burning my eyes. I called the police then Emma’s parents. Nothing turned up. No clues, leads, suspects. Nothing. Then one day, I had an idea. There was a waterfall near where me, Emma, and the rest of our group of friends Jacky and Maxine lived. It was Emma’s favorite spot. I walked there and called her name. I sat on a rock and cried my eyes out. Then, I felt fingers did into my shoulders and a deep voice in my ear.

“Boy, if you keep searching, I’ll take you too. I know you read my note so you now who I am. I’m the one and only “S”. Emma is free.” I didn’t say anything and just nodded my head. When I turned around no one was there. I stopped looking for Emma. Except, I got a text from her number. All it said was, “I’m free.”

  • Karii

    You’re getting pretty good at writing your stories keep up the good work.