The Emergency Broadcast

(From the recording that Seth Rodersman took before his brutal death of unknown causes. We did our best to translate what was heard, but due to the low quality and strange loud noises in the background, it might not be that accurate. We marked the words that we filled in and included any strange noises we thought were important.)

“Look, I need to share what happened. I can’t- I can’t- I want others to be able to learn from what I did wrong.”

*An inaudible noise is heard in the background*

“I am in the cabin, my cabin. It was about 6 PM, and my television turned on. It was one of those emergency broadcast things, the television screeched before playing that message, the message that ruined my life.”

“This is a national emergency, please remain calm, This is not a test. Make sure every door and window of your home is locked, if there is no lock please barricade them. T-turn off all lights in your house, and do not activate any electronics or light any candles in your home. Do not make any noise, and if any noise occurs outside of your home, do not investigate. If you think an intruder is in your home, do not investigate. Please stand by for further instructions.”

“I- I chose not to listen, mostly. I locked everything, turned off the lights, and sat on my couch.”

*Seth begins to cough*

“After awhile, maybe 6, or 7 minutes, I began to hear tapping on my window. It, it sounded like someone was just tapping with a single fingernail, and it was slow. I got off my couch and walked to the window, and what I saw, it was horrifying, it didn’t look-”

*After this, the audio cuts out briefly. As of yet we are unsure why*

“-I ran back to the couch and hid behind it, I even forgot to breathe for a little bit. But what I saw was too unbelievable for me to not document. Whatever it was, it’s after me. I can hear it scratching on the door, little by little. Soon it’s going to get it, a- and I don’t know what to do when it does.”

*A quiet, high-pitched noise is heard*

“F**k, f**k f**k f**k!”

*The sound of wood shredding, and then falling to the floor is heard*


*Heavy breathing and screaming is heard as Seth takes off running*

“It’s not human! It’s not- It can’t be! What is wrong with this place, this, this thing?”

*Seth screams in pain before the audio goes silent. Loud, heavy breathing is heard for a few minutes, and then the sound of something heavy being dragged across the ground is heard, the audio stops*

(We found this recorder outside the next day, on the ground and blood-splattered. We do not know what the events of last night contained, but what we do know is that you should always listen to any emergency broadcast, as something is out there, and we have no clue what it is.)

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