Night Terrors – Part 1

Most people tend to forget the importance of dreams; the human subconscious can create some important things. Along with the happy dreams of the day’s occurrences, there are some terrifyingly shocking things that your brain can conjure up. I personally, have been struggling with night terrors and sleep paralysis ever since I can remember. I’m going to write about some of these dreams that have overtaken my unconscious psyche.

I’ll give you some background info. My family has a close connection to the spirit realm. My sister and I both have psychic tendencies. All of my predictions happen in dreams while hers happen in some kind of visions she occasionally has. This may seem out of sorts right now, but it’s important later on.

The oldest night terrors I can remember occurred when I was roughly 3 or 4 years of age. I used to sleep in my mother’s room for the sake of my well-being; she would wake me up if I were to start screaming. One night, I remember waking up and not being able to move anything other than my eyes. I glanced around the room and saw a pack of wolves. They growled and bared their teeth at me. The pack of wolves suddenly started insulting me and yelling. I tried to scream, but all that came out was a screeching whisper. One of the wolves got on top of me and started to attack my face; I felt every rip and tooth enter my flesh.

Eventually, I was able to get out of my paralysis and started screaming for help. My mother woke up and started to console me. I told her about how the wolf was biting me, but she said it was all a dream; there was no sign of any damage on my face.

A few years later, I was out of school for the summer and decided to go over to the neighbor’s yard to play some kickball. Long story short, I ended up being attacked by their dog and had to go through 2 surgeries in order to fix the damage done to my eyelid and tear duct area.

All of my other dreams have had direct correlations to real events that happened in my life.

Author’s Note: If you want a part two, leave a comment.

  • Jai Lynn

    Wouldn’t mind a part 2, to this story

  • Twisted Cats

    Hecc yes!

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

    Part 2 would be good!

  • Love2Bscared

    Great story, but just a quick question…I see this story was written a year ago so was a part 2 ever written? If there is a part 2 could you please tell me where to find it because I am absolutely dying to read it! Totally loved part 1!👍👍👍