Nightmares Warning

Hello there! The name’s Dave.

One week ago, I got this dream, and thought about it a long time, so I decided to share it with you guys.

I woke up in a weird place with no gravity, no air, no trees, grass or flowers. The people around me had no faces, I was kinda creeped out. I floated around the world and I saw a strange tall man looking at me. It had no face, pale skin, wearing a suit like he is a business man. I tried to say, “Who are you?” and I realized I had no mouth. I looked at my body and it wasn’t my body. I was a child, I wonder how. When I looked up and he wasn’t there. Until I looked back, he grabbed me with a tentacle and took me away. Then I woke up, it felt so real. I… I didn’t know what to do anymore.

Day 10:

I made a research and that Thing was called Slenderman. Even the name gives me goosebumps. Anyway back to the real point why I’m writing this.

I had another dream, it was different. It was nighttime, everyone in town was asleep. I looked around the house and found someone with a bloody smile. She was dead tho, oof I feel bad for her. I turned around just like how I did in THAT dream. What happened? I got murdered by a pale dude with a freaky bloody smile. And before that death I heard him say, “Go to sleep.” So I researched again. His name was Jeff the Killer. Another goosebumps again.

Day 15:

Another nightmare, another bloody death. I researched and it was Jane the Killer, is Jeff and Jane siblings? Oh wait it said they are enemies.

Day 23:

This dream was scary and terrifying. Someone took my flipping KIDNEY, like… seriously?! And another flipping research and guess what? His name was Eyeless Jack! That name reminds me of my rival Jack.

Day 30:

I don’t even want to sleep. It feels like these nightmares are trying to warn me something. But I don’t understand!

Day : 61

I see all these people I encountered was a Proxy. Known to be creepypastas, I do like pastas. Are my dreams trying to say that they are after me? Wait! What was that sound?


Go to sleep