My Lego Figure

One day I was walking home from school with my buddy Carlos. The day had gone perfectly swell, I met a girl named Shyanne about a month or two ago and today I asked her out, and she said yes! I was so thrilled and I was planning on meeting her parents in a week. But of course, things change…

“So Carlos, I finally asked Shyanne out today,” I said gleefully.

“What’d she say?” Carlos said eagerly

“Yes!” I screamed with joy.

“Good for you man,” he said as if he knew already from a friend or something.

“What is that?” I questioned out loud. I crouched to pick it up and Carlos said, “What’s what?”

I had replied with, “I think it’s a Lego character…”

“Leave it man.”


“Bro, just leave it be.”

I sighed and said, “Okay fine.”

He turned and started walking and immediately I picked it up and stuck it in my pocket.

I added it to my collection of other Lego figurines after taking out the dog and doing my homework.

I ate dinner watched some TV then went to bed.

When I woke up one of my Lego characters were broken, and they were all posed as if they had currently been at war, the next morning another was broken. It ran a chill up my spine but I was still OK. This proceeded until all my Lego figures were broken except for the one I had found on the street. The next morning my whole playset had looked like an office that was ruffled through by the SWAT team! Then the day after my TV was broken, and the center of the broken part was a Lego figure hand mark as if a Lego figure had punched it, things like these continued happening as if my Lego figure was alive and evil, or I was being pranked. Yeah probably the second one was right.

The day after, I woke up with a serious head wound that costed my parents a fortune! I needed surgery to get out the unidentified object that was used to hurt me! I was showed the object and it was my Lego figure. It then turned its head to face mine and jumped out of the surgeons hand onto the table and began tapping on the table. My step-mom knew morse code fortunately and translated it to this: “I am alive and I need help, I’m sorry for hurting you, that was to get your attention. No questions please, I need the world to know of me, I made a machine that is able to transfer consciences to inanimate objects and you’re looking at your proof.” I said I would help him no matter the possibilities and now I’m a dog, I like dogs, but I’m able to be any dog too, or Lego character Lego piece, silverware, basically any person place or thing. And life is great now. That was all 100s of years ago, but I’d figure I should spread the news around a bit. Have a good life now, may it last eternally.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    Your… Lego… Was embedded in your head… And you’re a dog… Which is not an inanimate object… Okay man. Okay.