Mr. Smaylik Part 2

Detective Brown slammed his fists on his office table. Another man had died from the serial killer known as Mr. Smaylik. Vladimir Petrenkov was gutted by the killer, and a smiley face was carved in his cheek. “I’m gonna catch this killer if it’s the end of me” The detective said, but he knew it was an empty promise.

He decided he would go to the scene were the man was murdered. He pressed the button on the speaker that sat on his table, “Mary prep my car I’m going to check the crime scene.” Twenty minutes later and he was parking into the driveway of Vladimir Petrenkov’s house.

Police were all over the house taking pictures and making notes, it was like a bees nest just buzzing with cops. “Holmes, Watson!” He called out, two middle aged men ran up to Detective Brown. “Yes sir.” They said in synchronization, “Tell them I want a moment to look in the house alone.” ” Yes sir” they said again. After they shouted a couple of commands and emptied out the house, Detective Brown entered.

The scene looked just like the pictures, Vladimir’s body in the middle of the room, his gut cut open and a bashed in face, smiley faces painted all over the walls with blood, and a cats lifeless body was hanging from the cieling fan. Brown almost threw up with disgust but he grudgingly investigated the house. The only thing he found was a clump of brown hair.

“Better than nothing” he mumbled, Brown put the evidence in a Ziploc bags than closed it. As Brown walked to his car another cop walked up to him, it was his co-worker Captain Striker, head of the police force, and top of his class at the academy. “Find anything?” Striker said, “Just a clump of hair, might be the killer’s” Striker got in the driver’s side and Brown got in the passengers side, they drove out of the neighborhood.

“You know I can’t let anybody know about my secret” Striker said. “What are you babbling about?” Brown questioned. Striker took off his police hat and Brown’s eyes widened with shock. A clump of hair was missing from his head, the same hair in the Ziploc bag. “I am the killer” Striker said, Brown reached for his gun but Striker caught his hand and slammed it against the dashboard.

He reached for the steering wheel and yanked it to the right, causing the car to go off road, and straight into a lake. The car hit a bump and bounced in the air, landing in the lake with a loud crash. As the car sank Detective Brown struggled to remain conscious. He fiddled with the seatbelt finally getting it to open and he climbed out the shattered window.

He swam up to the surface and gulped for air, then he made his way towards the edge of the lake. He crawled on the muddy shore when a hand grabbed his foot, Brown struggled to get loose but a foot stomped his head making him disoreantated. Striker dragged him towards the lake. “You can never escape me” Striker said with a menacing voice.  All of a sudden a shot rang out in the air, Striker collapsed and sank back into the depths of the lake. “Sir?” A worried voice said, Brown noticed the face of Sargeant Holmes and Corporal Watson. “Am I glad to see you two” Brown said in an exaughsted voice. Holmes put his right arm around his neck, dragging him to the police car.



Kyle caught about 12 fish on his trip to the lake, he always loved to fish as it was an old habit. He felt a strong tug on his fishing line “Oh this is a big one!” He said with excitement, he reeled in the line then reached in the water to grab the fish. But no fish was to be found, only a hand reaching through the water and grabbing Kyle’s throat. The hand was choking the life out of him, as he faded into darkness he could see the vivid face of a man, holding a knife. “You can never kill me” It said, then the darkness finally overcame Kyle…

  • Sarwally

    Mediocre at best, seemed unorganized and not very climatic at all.