I looked at the blade on my desk, barely seeing it over the growing tears in my eyes. Reaching down I grasped it with one shaky hand, I love you I say to anyone that’s listening. I hold the knife arms length from my chest. I draw a small breath. A tear rolls down my cheek. Then I drive it straight into the left side of my chest. My jaw drops, my body goes limp, and I slowly fall backward to the hard ground. The fall knocked the breath out of me so much I couldn’t even cry.

Suddenly I heard footsteps all around me as the world faded like a burned out light. Suicide. I finally did it. I wake up suddenly, its white all around me. I think to myself am I dead? Is this heaven? Then I feel the searing pain in the side of my chest. OK, well guess I’m not dead. Slowly I sit up grimacing at my chest. Taking in my surroundings my eyes adjusting, I see that I’m not in a hospital like I thought or in my house. I’m in a, cemetery? But I’m not buried? As soon as I realize this, my surroundings warp, twist, and change into a cellar.

The room is hot and burning, but it feels surprisingly nice, a voice called my name in the shadows. It felt like it needed me so I got off the floor and slowly shuffled towards it. The calling voice led me to a gigantic room with bloody red and black pillars, a throne with gold on it, and fire burning everywhere. Suddenly I feel different. I love this place, I tell myself, I want to be here, this place is… Mine.

I walk to the throne feeling it pull me, like the voice I’d heard, I sat on it. I smiled at the warm touch of the gold on my arms. Relaxing, I watched unfazed as millions of ugly skeletons drooping with blood and bits of clothing, morphed out from the walls. Then a crimson shadow erupted from the floor screeching and clawing its way up to my throne. As it’s groping its way up to me it’s face forms into sharp features with fangs, darting eyes, sharp claws on its hands, and horns that point at each other. The devilish this howls at me.

“Please,” I say looking it dead in the eyes. “That’s enough.”

It clambers down on its elbows, “you!” It says, “you know who I am, you know where you are, and you know what to do.

“Indeed,” I smirked. “but I can’t do them.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you’re in my way demon!”

I leap up, “your no longer the ruler of Hell devil…. I am!” I shove it hard into the new formed pit of smoldering lava being him. I wave and smile as it screamed it’s whole way down. Then the world shook and the pit vanished. Giant black bat wings grow from my back, fangs from my teeth, claws from my fingernails. My eyes rolling back into my head showing nothing but pitch black darkness my hair goes crimson red horns grow from my scalp curving, my body goes pale white. I sit back on my throne smiling a dark, sinister, haunting grin.

“Mine!” I chuckled.