Masked Man 2

Hi I’m ■■■■ and this happened a few days ago. It start off like this. I was at my friend’s house, you know having fun playing video games, going on social media what best friends do you know. After a few hours he drove me home and when I got home, I opened the door to my house. The first thing I saw was my parents and they had stab and bullet wounds. They were dead there was blood everywhere.

My friend was still in the driveway on his phone. I went ahead and knocked on the car door. I told him what I saw so he called 911. I told him if he still had his metal bat in the trunk he nodded. After we got the bat we went inside. There was blood everywhere all of a sudden we heard a crazy person laughing upstairs. We told whoever was up there, they’re going to get arrested in a few minutes and then he spoke with his terrifying voice.

“Oh? Really? Well that’s to bad but not as bad as your parents are like now. Is it.” Then he started laughing at me. He revealed him self he had a mask with a smile going across the mask.

“So what now kid?” he said as he shot my legs so I couldn’t walk. Before he can shot me more my friend throws the metal bat and knocks the guy unconscious then my friend drags me outside and we heard sirens in the distance. I fainted when I woke up I was in the hospital. After me and my friend and his parents got out of the hospital we got me a wheelchair and now I live in my friends house. The masked man got me.

■■■■ out.

  • Icydice

    Very rushed and poorly written

  • Bonnie Manz

    The grammar needs a lot of work. This piece reminds me of something that a middle school student would write.