Mary the Killer

March 12: 1870

Mary woke up in her bed and looked out to the starry night sky. It was cold that day. She drew her blinds and went downstairs to the parlor. She walked outside to her family’s well and got some water. Her family was rich and had their own private well. She walked inside to her mother in her gown.

“I know that you’re fourteen but that doesn’t give you a right to be outside at night! Especially with all of those bodies found in the woods,” she said. Mary shrugged it off and went to bed. The next week voices talked to her. They said that they needed blood from family. Mary didn’t want to kill, but she also hated her family.

Then one night, she came up with a way to kill everyone in the house. Three days after she came up with her plan, she snuck downstairs and grabbed the chef’s meat cleaver.

“Father?” she said. Her father turned around and got a clever in his neck. Mary pulled it out and blood shot onto her face. She didn’t wipe it off. She liked it there. She went to her mother’s room and cut into her stomach. She walked downstairs and got two knives. She stabbed her mother’s eyes and ripped them out. Then she went to the butler Alfred’s room and cut off each of his fingers. Then split him open and devoured his insides.

The voices told her to summon the devil. So she did. A goat and human like creature arrived. He told her that since she killed her family, he would take the form of a young boy, and tell kids to do a special bloody Mary ritual. He also said that he would make her immortal, as long as when she was summoned, she would kill all living beings in the house she was summoned to. She shook the creature’s hand.

  • Raven Irene

    Its a good story but you should make it longer and less stiff should happen at a time, it makes it hard to follow and you dont have enough time to get really into the book. Its a good story but it could improve alot

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Boring, predictable, unoriginal.