Last Sight

These days, a lot of people have to wear glasses, because of the blue light from devices. There are few people who were able to avoid such events and keep their sharp eyesight. Unfortunately for them, they never knew that having good eyes would end badly.

Jade was born with beautiful emerald green eyes and rarely used her devices. Despite her parents buying lots of devices and often using them, she never really had the need to use her devices all the time, so she was able to prevent blue light damaging to her eyes, while most of her friends had already needed glasses to help their eyesight, but she did have some friends who still had good eyesight, like Aiden, who had captivating hazel brown eyes.

One day, it was like any day at school, but Jade noticed that her friend Aiden wasn’t at school. She called him, but he didn’t answer. She felt that it was strange, because even though he rarely used his devices like she did, he always answered her calls. She got a bit worried to why he wasn’t answering her multiple calls, so he decided to go to his house. When she arrived at his doorstep, she was surprised that his mother was the one who answered. She asked, “Mrs. Harrington, is Aiden home?” Mrs. Harrington replied, “No, he hasn’t been home since last night.” She was just confused as to why he wasn’t home and didn’t tell her, especially since they were best friends.

She eventually went home and decided to watch some TV, but when she turned it on, the news caught her eye. “Teenage boy found in the forest with his face mutilated and eyes missing!” Her stomach dropped, as she recognized the lifeless body. She was able to recognize that it was Aiden, despite how mutilated his face was. As the news progressed, she couldn’t stop the tears from forming in her eyes and running down her cheeks. She couldn’t believe it. Her best friend Aiden was dead. As she tossed and turned at night, she couldn’t help but wonder, “How did this happen?”

After sleepless hours, she realized that it was already 3 AM. It was silent. Too silent. The usual sound of crickets wasn’t there. Suddenly, she heard noises, as is someone had a really dry throat. It send chills down her spine, as she lays, terrified under her covers. She was just hoping that it would go away. But it didn’t. It just go louder and louder. Until suddenly, silence again. She was too terrified to peak out from under her covers, until she drifted of into a fearful sleep.

The next morning, the entire school was gathered at the assembly hall to mourn the death of their student, Aiden. Jade on the other hand, just couldn’t think about anything else, but that encounter last night with whatever that was. She was terrified by the thought of it happening again. Unfortunately when night fell, her fears always came. Every night, the noises came louder each time, till she finally couldn’t handle it.

She took a peak from her covers. What she saw made her freeze. It was human, but it also wasn’t human. Its unnaturally long, sharp teeth, and its hollow eyes, bleeding a black, thick liquid. But the most disturbing was what she saw between those long teeth, inside its mouth. There were multiple pairs of eyes of every colour, but what had her shaken up, was those familiar hazel eyes. Aiden’s eyes. The thing’s claws reached for her face, as she was frozen with fear, until the thing was the last sight of her life. Its claws dug into her eye sockets, ripping apart the skin and tissue around it to get a better grip on her eyeball. The pain was unbearable, but she couldn’t bring herself to scream, as her eyes each were removed. All she could see was nothingness, until she fell unconscious and no longer felt anything. She knew it was her end. She had already seen the last thing she will ever see.