Knock, Knock

The story starts with two young boys sitting in their bedroom, playing their brand new PS4. Chris, an 8-year-old who had dark brown hair and pale skin, sat there playing and eating pizza. The other one, Nathan, a red-haired 9-year-old, was just playing the PS and stomping very loudly. He had very tan skin and always wore a black hoodie and a pair of old dirty jeans. Chris liked to switch up what he wore, today he was wearing a grey t-shirt with black shorts. He never understood why Nathan wore those same old clothes all the time.

Nathan turned to face Chris, “Hey man, how do you keep winning this game so much?”

Chris just shrugged, he guessed that it was just because he love the game. It was NBA 2K17, he love sports, but he was never any good at them in real life. “Well, I guess it’s because I love sports.”

Nathan smirked, “But you were never even good at any sports, you fall on your face every time you run in soccer, and you miss every basketball shot.”

Chris quit talking and just kept playing and winning. “Well, I thought that participating and having fun was what counted?”

Nathan, “Nope, it’s winning that counts!” Nathan then started to laugh and stomp some more.

Chris stared at him, “Why do you stomp so much?”

“I just like to, it kind of helps me focus or something. I’ve done it ever since my dad left, it just helps me forget about the problems in my family. It is almost like I just stomp on the problems and zone into the good things.” Nathan got up and turned the PS4 off, “so Chris, where is your parents?”

“Oh, my dad, Rick, had to go to work. He is a shoe maker, he say that he hates being around all those loud machines. As for my mother, I visit her on the weekends. My dad got custody of me in court, my mom lost. She works at McDonald’s and has a new boy friend who works at the local air port. He is a pilot. She usually uses all of his money on herself, that is why my dad broke up with her.”

There was the sound of glass shattering down in the basement. Then a knock and another knock. Finally, we heard a door open and then slam shut. It slammed so loud that it made my cat, McFluffins jump and run upstairs and into my dad’s room. It sent chills down my spine and Nathan quit stomping.

Nathan slowly looked over, “What was that?” he spoke softly, so that what ever that was, wouldn’t hear him.

Chris spoke, with a quivering lip, “I think it might be a robber or may be it was just my mom.”

She likes to sneak in sometimes, when my dad is gone for a while. She says it is just to keep an eye on me, but Chris thinks that she just wants to spend more time with me.

“Come on man, let’s go check it out,” Nathan said, curiously. He got off the bed and slowly crept to the door. He slightly opened it to peak out, into the living room. There was nothing there, so he walked in the living room and turned on the lights. They flickered and then shut off, he tried again and they just stayed off.

“I guess the power’s out,” Chris whisper. Chris and Nathan headed into the kitchen and looked around.  Chris looked in the bathroom, that is when  Chrisknew that something was wrong. There was bloody foot prints on the floor and some bloody teeth in the sink. It made me so sick to my stomach, I almost threw-up on the floor. I checked in the shower and found some long, black hair in the drain and two old, rusty quarters, beside the soap.

Nathan screamed, “Chris, get in here!” Nathan was in the kitchen, looking at the floor.  Chris got in there as fast as he could.

“What happened?” Chris asked. Nathan just kept staring at the floor, his skin was very pale and wrinkly. Nathan looked like a small, old man. Chris shook him and let go, he fell to the ground and let out a gasp. His eyes were black, he wasn’t breathing, and had no heblo beat. Chris. walked towards the kitchen sink. It had blood and a couple of teeth. There was also another rusty quarter on the tap, or to Chris, it was just a tube that water came out of. Chris picked up the quarter and got the other two, from the bathroom. Chris didn’t know why he got the quarters, it just felt like someone or something was telling him tto. At this rate, with Nathan dead and Chris with that noise or thing, he would take all the help he could get.  Chris then continued walking through the kitchen and into our storage closet. Chris moved some boxes out-of-the-way, to uncover the basement hatch. It was a little door, on the floor.  Chris looked at it and the door behind slammed shut. Chris heard knocking on it, it got louder and louder, then it mysteriously stChrisHequickly opened the basement hatch, it was very cold and dark. He climbed down the latter and got ready to touch the floor but then the latter fell and the trap door shut. Chris looked behind him and saw a dim candle light. When he walked over to it, there was a lot of blood and teeth all around it. It was laying on the floor. He picked it up and walked forward some more. The basement ended at a large metal door that said insert dollar bill or change. Chris remembered that this house used to be a horror attraction, kids would walk through it and come down here. They would find coins upstairs and insert them into the door. But when they entered, they would get gassed. Stories say that they were token to a place of suffering and torture, where they were beaten and killed by an old man, who once worked here.   Hesaw that the candle had a fourth rusty quarter on it. He put all the quarters into the slot and someone or something knock on the door, twice. The door flew open, very fast and busted off the hinges. He thought that maby the thing was in the room, and curiosity got the best of him. He walked in and found a note, it was written in Nathan’s hand writing. It was an old piece of crumbled paper with blood stains and teeth laying on it. Chris read it out loud, with a soft tone,”Knock, knock, tickety, tock, tock. Knock, knock, turn back the clock.”

Chris heard a faint voice say,”I said, knock, knock. Knock, knock! Now you say who is there.”

Chris slowly and softly spoke,”Who’s there.” He heard foot steps getting closer, so he spun around to look. It was Nathan, he still had black eyes and pale skin with those 80-year-old wrinkles. “Where is Nathan”, Chris yelled.

“Can’t you see, there never was a Nathan, just like there won’t be a Chris. You see, I steal the teeth of those whose soul I eat. You are next, Chris. When I eat your soul, I will lose age. I will become normal and live another happy life”, said the old man.

Chris though a bit, that must be the old man who worked here, the same one who murdered all those innocent children. Chris began to talk normal again, “What do you mean by that.”

“I mean I eat souls to decrease my age. Right now, I am a demon, or spirit. I am 157 years old, with your help, I will lose 8 years.”

Chris ran right at him and smashed the candle into his face and ran to the door. He ran and tried to jump up to knock the trap door open and escape, but nothing worked, he couldn’t reach. The evil demon that consumed his friend came closer and closer. Chris felt dizzy and could barely see. He passed out and fell to the floor. He was never seen again and his family never went looking for him. His parents passed away on July the 2nd, 2017. The house is now full, with a new family in it. But nothing strange has went on there since.

There has been reports about similar cases and sittings of the old man or kid. People say that he still searches the world for young people to kill and decrease his age, others say it was just a myth. But remember, you could be next!

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    It’s a decent concept, but it’s extremely annoying when you switch from third person (Nathan and Chris) to first person (Nathan and I) with no warning or reason. Sentences could be a little more complex and you give too much detail to things that are never given deeper meaning or explanation (such as Nathan’s stomping or him always wearing the same clothes) and rush through things that actually matter (like why Chris felt compelled to pick up random quarters after a traumatic experience or the death of the others in the house). So definitely a good concept, just make sure you’re reading things over and taking your time. Keep writing!