Killer Jaz and Eyeless Jack

I was kinda of a normal girl. My family hated that I was reading the creepypasta stories even my own parents called me out on it. I went to school for just my freshman and sophomore year of high school because I got bullied for how I was. I was kinda like Ticci Toby. I have Tourette syndrome. I got bullied for my Tourette’s. I said bad words during class, I twitched, and clicked kinda. My mom hated how I was born,  and so did the rest of my family.

“Jaz come down for dinner please!” My mother said always yelling up the stairs because she’s lazy and doesn’t like walking up and down the stairs

“I’m not that hungry mom!” I yelled back at her from my room. Of course my mom didn’t care if I ate or not,  but she just yelled back, “Please come and eat hun!” I rolled my eyes and left my room to go eat.

“Thank you for coming down dear.” I just looked at my mom then twitched. She rolled her eyes and sat at the table. I looked at my brother then to my dad wondering why they were shaking like they were cold.

“Hey dad how was…” I clicked and said ‘b***h’ without knowing that I did. My dad looks at me angry that I said a bad word. I didn’t really care that much though. I sat down next to my brother and then I looked at him. “How was school little bro?” I said concerned a little. “It was okay I guess.” He said scared of me. Then my mom stood up and grabbed me by my hair. She took me to my room and opened the door. She pushed me to my bed and left me there.

  • IronMosquito

    Haha, wow. I haven’t been here for a very long time…. And now I kinda wish I hadn’t come back. This was so bad. It ended way too abruptly and was the same bland, overused crap.

  • Angel

    I believe a previous comment could’ve been worded better. I will say this seems like an unfinished product, a tease of you will. Good Idea keep trying doll. There could’ve been more details and a plot. The cross over was a great story but wasn’t fullfilled. Please try again, I want to read the story that is in your head!!!

  • johnny

    I agree with Angel sometimes it’s hard to get your ideals out of your head but keep at it.

  • Silenced killer

    Part could have been longer but overall not bad.